2009 Highlights

To me, this year was filled with happiness, joy, sadness, grief, success and failure. The above were the main highlights of the year. Also, it was about reading, reading and then again, reading. I’ve read lots of books that I stopped counting. Books that are on top of my head that I enjoyed reading the most are,

Thanks to those who believed in me, and most importantly, myself, I was able to break my meaningless habit of procrastinating (not fully, of course) and to that, I’m grateful. I got to achieve most of my last year’s resolutions, and some of which I’d work hard on achieving.

One thing I learned this year, ‘As long as you put your heart and mind into what you believe in, you’ll eventually reach there’

With the spirit of a new year, I, for the first time, chose a new layout with colours instead of the same old, same old black/grey. Sometimes, even I could go with the flow, and decide to adjust with the 'change'. [I still got to work on it, though]

May God accept all your good deeds, and happy new near.

One Religion?

While watching Saturday’s episode of Dare to Ask on Peace TV, presented by Dr.Zakir Naik, one of the audience asked a similar question to this,

Why isn’t there a one religion? Clearly, Islam is the religion we’re all supposed to follow, so as to stop the conflicts and confusions, why hasn’t there been one religion delivered by the different messengers of God?
His answer revolved around the same point, which was none other than (as far as I understood): God sent the messengers –Peace Be Upon Them- to spread out the exact same message of believing in one God, or in other words, proving His existence.

Anyone else has a better explanation? Since the one I got is incomplete.

Why Don't We Read?

Based on the article I read yesterday with the title of 'Ma waraa2 3uzoof el3arab 3an el8era2a' (The reasons behind Arabs neglecting reading) [?] on Al Khaleej newspaper, I found out many points and I'd like to hear your own take on this.

Some of the reasons were,

Political instability; according to what people think and emphasize on, due to lack of trust some Arab government has on its authority, they resort to the policy of obscurantism, in order to stop their own people from reading and enlightenment.

Other than this, the rest of the article talked about poverty being the main reason.

Do you agree/disagree, and what, in your opinion, are the reasons why we, Arabs, don’t have that habit of reading?

Planning Techniques?

Here’s the thing, when I start working on a story or something similar, an idea pops up in my mind. Minutes later, I’d find myself scribbling it down like a lunatic. It’s like a sudden urge comes out of nowhere and forces me to write, even though it was the last thing I had in mind.

After this crazy 30 to 45 minutes of being absent-minded completely on what the hell is wrong with me, I stop. Just like that, As though my mission is finally over. That much is understandable. Later, when I want to complete what I started, I just feel…blank. I would have no idea about the letter of the next word. And that is why I stop in the middle of things; because, at the time, I feel totally clueless and ironically stupid.

My question here is, once an idea comes to my wacko mind, should I scribble it down as points only, then sit down and arrange the whole story line and its plots? Or write the whole thing from the beginning?
Is it okay for a writer to be clueless on what the next chapter is all about?

Enlighten me, fellow readers.

My Sister's Keeper

Jodi’s style of writing is very captivating, I loved how she usually brings back old memories and how each character has a somehow different way of expressing him/her self depending on their social status and age.

The ending was unpredictable, to be honest, but I can’t deny the fact that I flipped open the last few pages to get what happens, yes, Anna dies, but how? I was under the impression that she’ll actually die in the process of transplanting her kidney to Kate, but then what really happened got me by surprise. I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

People, this is one of those books you wouldn’t want to miss reading. Give it a shot!

There are many statements that I liked, so I’ll quote a few:

If you have a sister and she dies, do you stop saying you have one? Or are you always a sister, even when the other half of the equation is gone?’ ~ Anna, page 168.

Water never stops moving. Rain falls, and runs down a mountain into a river. The river finds its way to the ocean. It evaporates, like a soul, into the clouds. And then, like everything else, it starts all over again’ ~ Anna, page 474.

There should be a statue of limitation of grief’ ~ Kate, page 497.

+ I'm currently reading Before We Say Goodbye by Louise Candlish.

Enlightening Experience

[First off, I had to write this in a hurry seeing as how I'm away from home at the moment, and yes, this post lacks of photos. I'll upload them once I get the chance to]

The 7th was the first day of the 1st Muscat Youth Summit. Students were separated into three different groups depending on their ages as soon as they reached AlNahda Resort and Spa:

• Red group (Age 14-16)
• Yellow group (Age 17-19)
• Orange group (Age 20-21)

* Day one’s theme was about Sustainability and Climate Change, divided into three sessions: CO2 Management, Energy Security & Diversity and Energy Efficiency, presented by Asim Gusbi, Qais Al-Zakwani and Ahmed Al-Jahdami.

After the three sessions, we had a panel discussion where each student from different schools gets to go on stage and become a panelist. The idea was meant for the participants to share the most important points mentioned at the previous 3 sessions and to note how they’re all linked together under the topic Energy in a presentation form.

Before dinner, Ibraim Al-Busaidi, an Omani Photographer, presented a presentation about Photography.

** Day two’s theme was about Creative Oman, divided into four sessions: A Tradition of Innovation, Exploring Innovation, iGeneration and Creativity Now! Presented by Hany Bayaa, Nourhan Beyrouti, Russell Barczyk, Jamal Al-Asimi.

Personally, the second day’s sessions and workshops interested me the most. I enjoyed the Creativity Now and Exploring Innovation sessions, and iGeneration workshop at the afternoon.

Day 2’s surprise guest: Ahmed AlHarthy, an Omani racer.

After dinner, one of the organizers arranged a last-night-celebration dancing party that included participants dancing and enjoying their last night at the lawn.

*** Day 3’s theme was about City Living, divided into four sessions: Urban Transition in a Global Perspective, Developing Products for Oman’s Tourism Industry, A Passion for Plants, Carbon Critical Design presented by Nikolaus Knebal, Dana Sarhan, Dareen Mehdi, and Richard Smith.

Whereas the day’s workshops were arranged as field trips to different areas depending on the topics students chose earlier. I went to Oman Botanic Garden at AlKoudh for Sustainable Oman - Future Thinking. Dareen Mehdi, Sarah and Craig were the presenters.

We went along with Mr. Craig who introduced the under-construction heritage center and explained that the aim of this project is to keep the environment safe and clean for the plants.

Ms. Sarah showed us the whole project’s sample and asked for our ideas in order to attract people of our age as the Oman youth represents 50% of the Omani population. The participants came up with interesting ideas and Ms. Sarah showed interest in listening to each and every one of them and note down the suggestions for later consideration with the whole team.

Visiting the nursery with Ms. Dareen was fascinating. We got to actually see the plants kept in special nurseries and conditions. The plants were all Omani in origin.

The trip ended and we went back to AlNahda Resort and Spa to meet up with the rest of the participants and have a final closing session with the organizers, supervisors and H H Faisal bin Turki al Said, chief executive officer of Brand Oman Management Unit.

To conclude this, it was one of those unforgettable events. I’m sure each and every one of the participants enjoyed their time to the max and most importantly, benefited from the experienced and educated speakers. Not to forget the amazing accommodation and treatment given by the organizers and supervisors. It was all about having fun, voicing opinions and learning in the same process.

Her Fairytale [3]

Am I really that bored to have posted 3 posts in 3 days? Hell, yes. Since I’m very techno-challenged, it took me almost ages to figure out how to edit the template’s HTML in order to change/delete the already existing pages.

Thanks to Deluxe templates, I have this Natural Gloom look even though it doesn’t exactly fit my blog, for some odd reason. (Don’t tell me otherwise). Also, I added the About Me page.

Another thing I’ve been ignoring for a while now is my draft chapters [For the story, Her Fairytale] which I posted earlier. (Chapters: 1, 2, 3) I got stuck at chapter 3 as it just got boring, literally. That or I simply lost interest in it. Here’s the whole-updated chapter.

Chapter 3
Her thoughts went back to when she was a kid of 9, when she looked up on him and admired his achievements. Watching him working used to amuse her. Every word he used to utter were words of wisdom according to Linda, and she made sure to follow his footsteps; become an important person in the society without having to lose your ethics and values, most importantly, not to forget those who love you. Looking back at these pleasant memories, Linda dreaded her haunting past.

Two hours passed by, while Linda’s smiling and grinning on her dad’s silly jokes and comments made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t want to believe everything would be the same, because she knows for a fact that it won’t.

At exactly 3:00 PM, she wondered if she could stop the loud tick...tocks of the gigantic clock on the living room’s wall. It was so loud that for a second, Linda could have sworn she’d just heard her own heartbeats.

She’d always thought that after graduation, her life would get settled. As by then, she would have gotten into a scholarship and left her family’s problems behind. But things never went well while she was at school either. She needed an inspiration, a motive to aim for the best, and unfortunately, there was none available at the time. Now, she has to take care of her siblings, and her own mom to being with. The thing about the whole divorce situation Linda wasn’t so sure about was the reaction of her mom. Will she be able to handle it, alone? Will she ever return to her old self again? Will her family ever be that same one like it used to be once upon a time? Linda couldn’t bring herself to answer the questions which kept her insomniac for long nights. No matter how hard she tried, she was perfectly aware of her soon-to-come failure.

All day long, Linda tried getting herself busy, both physically and mentally, afraid of the thoughts that’ll make their way through her mind again.
Now, I know that my promise was a very long chapter, but what can I say? I’m a lazyass, and excuse me for that. Oh, and I called the story Her Fairytale. Thanks for those who voted and others who wasted their time on reading and commenting.

Kitty, The Procrastinator

The 9-days holiday is coming to an end without me realizing it. I’ve spent most of it in shopping, packing and unpacking. I reached to a point where I had no idea that today’s the second of Dec. The plan was to start working on the Harry Potter FanFiction, but other distractions took place making me forget all about it; Reading the new books I’ve recently bought, for instance. I finished off Girls Of Riyadh in a matter of two days when I was supposed to be writing the epilogue. 2 Paragraphs were all I came up with. Is this procrastination or laziness, I don’t know.

Remember the first time we met, on this very exact station?’ He asked his wife, ‘Mhmmm’ she murmured with tears streaming down on her cheeks. Harry rubbed off Ginny’s tears with a soft, soothing finger. The proud parents walked on King Cross’ station sidewalk while remembering their own magical moments at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

That’s all, but what I had in mind was completely different. And it’s not even an ‘epilogue’, more like, the first few lines of Chapter 1.

Something I scribbled down, which has nothing to do with Harry Potter, just me wanting to waste more time,

Sense of euphoria weren’t of help anymore, it’s like her own brand of heroin effect’s came to an end bringing back symptoms of withdrawals. She’d clutch to it till the end, and now she lays there clueless as to what’s the next step she should take to at least enter the maze of her life.

Other than this, I’m still reading My Sister’s Keeper. The author’s style of writing is very impressive and interesting. I liked the story line so much and I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen in the upcoming chapters.

Writing this blog post while my eyes are halfway to closing shut explains the disjointed points.

Enjoy the remaining days of the holiday, peeps.

My Eid

19th Nov was the date of my final update. Soon after that day, my first term exams started giving me lesser time to spend on blogging or anything else. Things went on very smoothly, except that I’m still lacking behind in Maths (As I always did – No surprise there).

My sister and I spent the past couple of days that followed Eid at my Granny’s and I got to read more than I usually do, which is a bonus. Take this from me, isolating yourself from civilization for a while to achieve a specific task is the key to success.

It took me a long time to decide on where to stay over for the upcoming days (Starting from Eid’s night itself) and I finally settled at Granny’s (Dad’s part of the family). As usual on the first day of Eid, we were the late comers as everyone was waiting for us to join in the tiny house. My parents left early to get ready and I kissed them goodbye and made sure to tuck in my wish-list somewhere - I, amongst my siblings, am the only one who usually does this.

That evening, my uncle took all of us to Qurum City Centre based on our never-ending demands (God bless him). Entering from the food court entrance was a bonus to the whole thing as Borders Express is located next to it. The kids went crazy over the electronic games shouting how much money was needed and I found myself eyeing the books one by one looking for a catchy title.

Those caught my attention:

I finished Girls Of Riydh last night. I had a fun read, there’s no doubt about this, but I found the story plot very typical when comparing it to ‘our’ world. The things that the four Saudi girls went through are the same things girls here are going through; looking for the love of their life.

Here are some random shots I took while staring at the place's natural beauty:

Hope ya’ll enjoyed your Eid because I know I did, and it’s better late than never to say: Eid Mubarak.

[P.S This post is dedicated to my lovely Granny and her children who endured my sister’s demands and mine].

The National Day

We didn’t exactly have a proper celebration at school for obvious reasons; avoiding crowded situations so as to limit the wide spread of Swine Flu and instead, we were given a chance to celebrate at our own classes by wearing whatever it is that we want of Omani traditional dresses.

The students wore a mixture of colours on the 18th and everyone looked rather happy and cheery on a school day not to mention, looking forward for the weekends, but that’s beside the point. I used to wear Abaya on the past National Day celebrations but wasn’t in the mood to this year and so I wore my uniform and was surprised to be the only one who did.

After having finished our exam at the first three lessons, my classmates rushed down to the first floor to watch Kindergarten’s celebration and the view from the third floor satisfied me.

Then we started having our own so called ‘celebration’. I would have ditched school if it weren’t for the exam’s sake but I have to admit about enjoying the music and this, of course:

Later that evening my little sister urged me to tag along to her own school celebration, I only agreed to go to watch the little kids in dresses who were utterly adorable.

My Article On Oman Obeserver

Here's my crappy article on Oman Obeserver (Published on the 16th - yesterday)

Have you heard of the 1st Muscat Youth Summit on Dec? Well, I'll be going next month. I've also filled the form and chose 'Pulishing and IGeneration' workshop for the first day and 'Future Thinking' for the next.

The workshops will be held at AlNahda Resort and Spa from 7th to 9th of Dec and is aimed at students of ages 14 – 21. I’ll fill you guys in with the detailed info once I get there.

Reaching Out To It...

Ever had that feeling of climbing up on the summit of that specific high mountain, where you get to sense the breeze of being on top of the world, on top of everything that for a second, you’re afraid of having your chest burst out of all of this unfathomable, indistinguishable happiness?

Then suddenly, out of the blue, this indescribable feeling goes away. Just like that! Within a blink of an eye, it’s no longer there. For once, it was just like the world revolved around you, even for the tiniest second, but that doesn’t matter, you’ve decided. What matters now, is the pleasure of having tried it, experienced it even if it meant there’s no Deja Vu, it’s totally okay…

Seems utterly right to you, even though you can’t help but dread the reasons which took it away from you. Stole it away like it owned it and has the right to snatch what seemed to you as the only desirable thing, the thing that you’ve always longed for.

[The long staircase in the picture demonstrates the steps you’ll have to get through in order to feel the exact same feelings and its height represent the obstacles you might face when doing so. The sky is that summit; that defiantly very-hard-to-reach peak, and in this case, your dreams and wishes].

Recent Book Reviews

While trying to catch up with studies, I’m also reducing the amount of reading I get to do during weekdays. I’ve been meaning to write proper reviews about the last books I’ve read (Since September); even though I clearly know that I can never have the time to.

A Thousand Splendid Suns
The question I had in mind while reading was; why was Mariam acting weirdly when her 60-years-old husband married the16-years-old Laila? was it because of her jealousy towards Rasheed's marriage, or because of Laila's young age? I understood the bit about her jealousy of someone’s taking Rasheed from her later on. The story sounded so realistic to me, that I could admit about it being a page-turner! Though the ending makes it whole lot interesting, it truly was a tragedy, Mariam's life, I mean. It made me get to know about Afghanistan’s life after the invasion, the rules which were to be enforced on people claiming that they were 'Islamic' ones.

One of the best books I've read in a while - 10/10.

The Kite Runner
Both of Khaled’s novels has the same vibe into them; the strong relationship that involves two people. Two people who got to know each other by either coincidence or being raised with each other since childhood.

I’ve been recommended by many to read the two brilliant pieces of work by Khaled Hoesseini ages ago, and I’m really glad that I did.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Yes, I saw the movie meanwhile I was trying very hard to get it over with already, but seeing as how huge the book was, I started making up excuses so as not to read it. Laziness? I know. It's basically a work of fiction that talks about a girl who got a job at a fashion magazine, and is obeying her bossy boss to save her job. The flow of the events weren’t smooth enough for me, thus I watched the movie. Its storyline reminded me of Susanna Sees Stars by Mary Hogan, the only difference is that it was well written and HUGE.

Since I don’t Have you by Louise Candlish
Bought it last Thursday, and I’m already halfway through it (blame it on the amount of quizzes we had in the past week) - Wait for the actual post when I finish it.

Borders – The New Dating Area

Borders is known about how over crowded it is. The majority that occupies the only small decent bookshop we have now are those who are waiting for their GF/BF’s.

On the third day of Eid, the security guy didn’t allow ‘guys’ to enter, they were wondering why and asking lots of questions when he replied ‘min kether balawikom[Because of your problems], they’d said ‘ay balawi?[which ones?] smirking around and were told off. You could have counted the people who were reading and searching around for knowledge.

Thursday night, it was as crowded as ever.
Where in the world was the security dude? I couldn't help but wonder.

Ever noticed this phenomenon? Whom do you think should be blamed?

My Article On Muscat Daily

While I was going through Muscat Daily on Monday, I found the ad about ‘Citizen Journalism’ and thought ‘why not?’ I then submitted my article based on the post: ‘Jump’, They Said via E-mail. Later that day, I got the acceptance letter.

And yesterday, Wednesday, Oct 28th, it got published on Muscat Daily:

Random Snaps

I haven’t updated this place for a week now and it feels like ages. It’s time for a new post even though I have nothing to write about except that I haven’t been getting some peace of mind because of the overload school work. Still, I have managed to spare me a few minutes of sneaking out in the afternoon and taking some snaps, plus, editing them, for the first time.

I shall leave you to enjoy.

Hypocrisy Or Ignorance?

According to our school, or to most of Omanis, the paranoia of using a daily sanitizer and the other health applications were restricted in the few first weeks of the conspiracy that is H1N1.

To know about all the applications they used to be crazed about, read my previous post in the month of September.

After exactly a week since school started, they no longer apply hand sanitizer on the students’ palms like they used to, there’s no mopping-the-tables-regularly routine, nor ‘the applying essence’ part (Luban, to be exact) to kill bacteria’s in the air, and most of all, they now allow us to go on breaks and even form a group in the corridors.

If this isn’t called hypocrisy, then I don’t what is. That or the ignorant mentality we simply seem to notice. I even got the guts and asked a teacher at school, and it went something like this,

Kitty: Umm, so, there’s no risk of catching the Swine Flu, is there?
Teacher: Why would you say such thing?
Kitty: Hmm, I don’t know, maybe because things changed and they no longer apply the daily routines they used to on the first days of school?

Oh-uh, she’d said that after spreading awareness, their job was over. But excuse me when I say, you were just pleasing and shutting up parent’s big mouths by being over-protective about the whole thing just to give the impression you so much wanted to give.

Is it just me, or the same thing applies to all Omanis out here? Prove me wrong if you can, but I still think it’s all because of our mentality and ignorance.

My Three Obsessions

I was extremely bored at Chemistry’s lesson today as I've dropped it recently, and thought of writing something. Thus, this post. I tried listing down my obsessions and as it seems I could only name a few.

1. Reading.
Ever since I was a child, I used to pick up every book my eyes set on, and I’d start to read it at that exact moment, people often made fun of this habit, but I really couldn’t care less.

Sometimes, reading soothes me in a way, the exact effect that music does to others. I can’t recall a single day in which I’ve been empty handed (be it waiting in a car, bus, saloon, etc) I’d make sure to carry a novel along, that or a notepad.

If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write’ - Stephen King.
2. Writing.
This obsession and the one above are linked, of course, and I could’ve mentioned them as one, but I didn’t. Writing was and always will be my passion (ignore the cheesiness, and bear with me for a while). I think I’ve inherited this from my Dad since he’s a journalist and his career is my first inspiration (Wait for the actual explanatory post)

3. Drinking Canada Dry.
For a while, my favourite drink was (Omani’s most common and beloved drink) Mountain Dew, after realizing this fact, the boredom of drinking the same thing zillions of times rose into me thus Canada Dry. (Cream Soda, to be exact) I’ve had this really weird obsession about it since the very first time I drank it.

In A Blink Of An Eye

Thursday @ 4:15
I tuned the conversation off as I rolled to my side and focused on getting some peace of mind. While trying to catch few glimpses of my latest dream, their voices faded out in the far background of my head. I tried really hard, but when the conversation (which disturbed my 2-hours-nap) grew intense, I then focused on getting the whole thing.

She (A close family member) returned back home from a tiresome day at work and sat across her lunch. Suddenly she started throwing up tremendous amount of blood and dropped down unconscious. Luckily, her siblings found her just in time as the Doctors clearly stated later on that she might have been dead is she wasn’t brought to the hospital. The on-call doctor wasn’t around at the time, and the nurse wasn’t much of a help, either. Surprisingly, my uncle (who happens to be a specialized doctor in the Emergency section of a whole other hospital than this) was nearby and was able to bring the poor girl back to life. (Alhamdullilah)

Friday @ 9:30
While I was cleaning up the table, my mom’s phone rang. When she picked it up, I noticed how sore her face became. I dropped down the dishes and paid as much attention as I could in an attempt of trying to know, or rather, read what’s happening. She ended the phone call saying ‘3asa 5air inshallah’, and I immediately insisted on paying a visit tomorrow’s afternoon.

Saturday @ 4:10
My mom and I were stepping out of the house’s gates when the damn phone rang again giving us the worst news for the following two reasons: 1. it turned out the girl had TB (which is highly infectious) and so it meant we’re not allowed to visit. 2. Because I had to regret wasting one hour of my life in dressing up, but that’s completely beside the point.

It made me stop for a while and think of how the above encounters happened in a matter of three following days; from good to bad, bad to worse and slightly better to whole lot of worse.

You can’t predict what’s going to happen, nor can you change what has been done already. But I know for a fact that you can do one very simple thing: Thank God for what he’d given you and always keep in mind that he could take it all back in a blink of an eye.

Keep the girl in your prayers, please; that’s all I’m asking for.

‘Jump’ They Said

Jump’ they said to him. He thought ‘what the heck? I can jump and I’ll just show them how much I can’. He stood up and jumped as high as he could but when he landed on the seat, the whole bus practically vibrated. They laughed their heads off, and I did too, merely for the fact that the boy hadn’t had a single idea on why we’re doing so considering his young age. Yes, you’ve guessed right. He’s an over-weight child and his friends were making fun of his body-shape.

Parents are the one to blame here, I believe. Generally, individuals are responsible for their own behaviours, but this is an innocent child who’s barely 7 years of age and who happened to gain all of this weight; Chips, macaronis, and other loads of junk food being sent along with him…to school! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing fingers on this kid because I’m sure there are others with the same situation out there.

Here’s a wake up call, parents. Just because you’re filthy rich doesn’t mean you should kill your kids. And that brings us back to the role of education.

Education, people. Education.

Assessment’s week

This week’s been all about assessments, hell load of school work and house chores.

This week’s assessments,
Saturday: Bio.
Monday: Math.
Tuesday: English.

I did fine in Bio and English, but I’ve missed some marks in Math’s. No harm done though, I still have a second chance on next week’s.

Next week’s assessments,
Sunday: Islamic, Arabic & Math.
Tuesday: Physics.
Wednesday: Bio.

And supposedly Chemistry on Saturday but I finally got the confirmation letter about dropping it once and for all. If you were wondering about the teacher’s response, well, let’s just say she’s taking it so hard,

Chemistry’s teacher: kitten, so you’ll drop it, huh?
Kitty: Yes *a big grin*
Teacher: But you’re capable of…
Kitty: I know, but I don’t like it *flashes a smile*
Teacher: Hmm, is it because of me, then? Errm, what can I do to…?
Kitty: No, it’s not you. It’s just that I don’t like Chemistry. *emphasizing the last word*
Teacher: Okay, but I think you can…
Kitty: I’m planning to study English Literature, and it DOESN’T require Chemistry *planning to run away*
Teacher: Okay…
Kitty: Yeah. *runs away*

See? She thinks this is the end of the world. But it freaking ISN’T!

Enjoy your weekend.

Pink Candies

Treed 7alawah?(1) he asked his friend. ‘Aiwya(2) , the other replied. He tossed the tiny candies into his friends’ cute palms. The boy with the candies turned around his sister who paid no attention whatsoever to the short conversation behind her. He then offered it to his little sister. She said innocently ‘Areed elwardi(3). The brother nodded, and gave her what she asked for. They stared at each other while chewing the candy they both had now.

The reason I found this scene utterly adorable and decided to write about it, is that I’ve always wished for an elder brother. What I saw on Monday’s afternoon made me realize how awesome it would have been if I was that little girl sitting next to my elder brother and chewing the candy he thought he’s ought to share with me.

Allah ye5aleekom le e5wankom wo a5atikom (4) .

Do you want some candies?
(2) Yeah.
(3) I want the pink one.
(4) God bless you all.

Her Fairytale [3]

I’ve been busy with school work lately but I’ve got to achieve this amount of writing, only. Where/when, if you may ask? At the school’s bus. Yes, I’m dead serious. This is just a glimpse of the third chapter as I’m planning for a long one this time. Wait for ‘da real bomb’.

Chapter- 1
Chapter- 2

Chapter- 3
Her thoughts went back to when she was a kid of 9, when she looked up on him and admired his achievements. Watching him working used to amuse her. Every word he used to utter were words of wisdom according to Linda, and she made sure to follow his footsteps; become an important person in the society without having to lose your ethics and values, most importantly, not to forget those who love you.

Two hours passed by, and Linda’s smiling and grinning on her dad’s silly jokes and comments made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t want to believe everything would be the same, because she knows for a fact that it won’t.

At exactly 3:00 PM, she wondered if she could stop the loud tick...tocks of the gigantic clock on the living room’s wall. It was so loud that for a second, Linda could have sworn she’d just heard her own heartbeats.

[To be continued..]

Another thing: Am I babbling a lot? Adding loads of unnecessarily details? If yes, do not hesitate and tell me right away.

Current updates,
Working on: Completing chapter 3.
Reading: ‘Cell’ by Stephen King.
Studying: For Bio’s assessment: Respiration, excretion, homeostasis, Human body; Liver and Kidney.

Not taking Chemistry this year!

Ever since I told my Chemistry’s teacher that I’m going to drop Chemistry, she’s been begging me to change my mind saying ‘it’s easy, don’t worry’ I don’t freaking like it, let me be, woman! Seriously, now that I’ve got to choose, I think she should shut up about her lectures on changing my mind, because guess what? I won’t!

At today’s lessons, she kept nudging me and saying ‘pay attention; you might change your mind' when I was scribbling down the notes, and to be honest here, attentive for the first time this year. I’m not supposed to be sitting there, nor am I forced to pay attention, but I was, by my own will.

Enough about that, the other thing: we’ve been separated to two classes depending on those who are taking ‘Extended’ level and ‘Core’ in IGCSE. And kitty's been assigned to do the ‘Extended’. Hallelujah. I’m thinking of taking 'Core' in Math though, since numbers is not my thing, to begin with.

Bio’s class was interesting today, mostly a continuation of Human’s kidney: Transplant. On the same topic, he also mentioned about ‘Stem cells’ and here’s what I go to know through Wiki;

Stem cells are cells found in most, if not all, multi-cellular organisms.They are characterized by the ability to renew themselves through mitoticcell division and differentiating into a diverse range of specialized celltypes.

Amazing isn’t it?

And for the zillionth time: I’m not taking chemistry this year, whether you like it or not.


Maybeliene's WaterProof Liquid Eyeliner:

- LV's blue bag:
-Maxi empire waist dress from Forever21:

- The Curious Incidenct of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
- Gift by Cecelia Ahern

-The Giver
- Number the Stars ~ by Lois Lowry

-Extras ~ by Scott Westerfeld.

-Untamed ~by P. C. Cast

-A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
-The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
-Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
-Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
-Looking for Alaska by John Green

[Poll] Which one to go for?

Labeling the posts with ‘draft’ irritates me, I think it’s about time for the story to have a name, I’m sure you guys think so too. So, how about a poll to decide which one should to go for? I’ve narrowed down my options to the following three:

- Her Fairytale.
- The Other Angle.
- Through Her Eyes.
- Other ~ Specifiy.

Let me know what you think, and if you have other options, I’m more than happy to have them into consideration.

A Draft [ 2]

[This is a quick update of what I've scribbled down. Remember: those are not the final drafts] Have a fun read!

Chapter – 2

She approached the mirror, admiring her own beauty and thinking of the impressions her appearance might give out about her. She was happy, filled with life, and the dimpled shy smile always drew its way across her face. She knew this. Knew it perfectly well, that her fake act will wear off anytime soon. One day she’ll finally give up faking and pretending she was fine. Though deep down inside, she realized the silly fairytale she’s trying to get herself drowned into.

Shutting the door behind her with a thump, Linda felt the sunrays burning hot on her skin and hurried into her old car. The engine roared back to life, making her curse under her breath. She hated it; having to do what she absolutely despised with a passion and was extremely scared from; driving.

Linda parked at the gates of her dad’s luxurious house, and checked her reflection once again, making sure that the eyeliner didn’t wear off. She stepped out, gazing at the huge house which every corner was a reminder of how it’d be like if she were to be living in it.

She knocked the door twice, and Susan’s smiling face appeared on the doorstep. Susan was her dad’s old housemaid, who usually greeted and welcomed her in. Linda entered Jamie and Anne’s room when they were playing their favourite video game on the LCD plasma screen. They both screamed together ‘Lindaaaaaa’ and fought their way to hug their eldest sister. She looked down on her siblings’ angelic faces, grateful about how little they knew on what’s yet to come. She wondered if they too, would hate, or rather dislike coming her.

They sat back down and enjoyed their time, while Linda counted the hours, minutes and seconds left to finally leave this place. When the door opened with a crack, her dad entered with the fakest smile Linda had ever seen drawn across his face.
Chapter- 3

A Draft [1]

A draft of a new story I started with yesterday.

Comments are welcomed, and criticism is appreciated.

Shapes kept swirling and speaking in a language she couldn’t fathom. She tried approaching them, thinking that’ll do, and it did. Her mom was crying her eyes out and just close by were her little siblings, weeping, and wondering about their mother’s weird behavior. ‘Why’s mommy crying?’ the youngest one of them asked Linda with looks filled with anxiety. Linda opened her mouth, wanted to utter a word, but she knew she couldn’t, so she just shut it. Watching her steps, she hurried to her mom and soon enough, she understood the whole thing. The words repeated themselves in her mind, various images that haunted her memory showed up in a perfectly clear picture; their new life. She couldn’t help but feel hatred she’d always knew would form after this towards her dad, her friend whom she trusted and loved. She’d been right all along. That one day, the feelings she always had for him would surely change. If it wasn’t back then, then it defiantly will now. Again, she felt the rush of emotions overwhelming her; insecure, lost and loneliness. Linda tried her best to shrug the past off, the past that’ll no longer come back. She had to force those ideas away, but a girl can dream, right? She thought sheepishly.

The annoying voice echoed through her room like it did every single morning. She woke up thanking God that it was a dream, and as always, feeling cranky as hell. Washing her face, she looked up at her own reflection, seeing her face for the first time in days. She wondered about the amount of kilos she might have lost, but thought it didn’t really make much of a difference anymore.

The atmosphere was as suffocating as ever, but she decided she couldn’t care less, or that’s what she thought anyway. Walking down the staircase, her mom looked up on her daughter looking rather pale and absent-minded.

I shouldn’t interfere. It’s none of my business after all. I’m just a kid; would this make me achieve something? No, I guess I should just come off it already. It’ll bring nothing to me but trouble and depression. The same thoughts swirled in her mind as she began dressing up and getting ready for the big day, the day that’d decide which path her life would take.

Inspired by a dream of my own.
Thanks for reading.

Chapter- 2
Chapter- 3

When Boredom Stikes...

I realize the retard-ness of the letter 'y' but that's better than the 'e' & 'n' I would have made. Time taken: 12 minutes, fa'9iya? I know.

Another Eid

‘Mamma,ileyoum el3eed?’ (1) were the first words I heard on the morning of Eid, ‘aiwa, beser3a elibes eldishdasha, abook yente’9rak barra3’ (2) my mom answered my little brother’s silly question.

I remember feeling very cranky and too lazy to wake up on my own, so I waited to hear any knocks on the door. Minutes later, I jumped off of my bed reluctantly and hurried to my parent’s room where I saw my little sister dressing up. She smiled at my shyly. ‘3eeeeedkuuuuuum emabareeek..wain 3ediyati?’(3) I repeated what I usually said on every past Eids, ‘roo7i tejahzi, 7abeebti’ (4) my mom said, I nodded and started getting ready.

After about an hour, we were at granny’s having breakfast together, and that’s when my uncle called from NZ. ‘Shoof i5wanak wo a5awatik kelhom jalseen yef6arro, wo inta ma heni. Eshtagnalkom abooy’ (5) my granny’s voice trailed off behind her sobs. I was glad that I finally had the chance to hear their voices for the second time in two years.

We got our Eidiyas and had lunch then headed to my granny’s (Dad’s part of the family). I then took a glance towards my grandpa’s room, and had to remind myself that he’s gone, and this was the first Eid we’ll have to celebrate without him. The room looked empty, literally.

My Eid ended when we all sat together and had our dinner and returned back home at eleven last night.

Hope ya'll enjoyed yours, as well.

Eid = Muslims celebrate it twice a year.
(1) Mom, today's eid?
(2) Yes, now get going, your dad's waiting in the car for you.
(3) Happy Eid, where's my eid's money?
(4) Get ready, sweetheart.
(5) Everyone's having breakfast together without you, we've missed you.

When's Eid?

Whenever my younger siblings used to ask me during Ramadhan ‘Kitten, mitta el3eed?’, I used to answer ‘Youm elethnain, 8oolo amen into bs’, and somehow, it turned out to be ture, that tomorrow, Monday, is the first day of Eid, and the first day of the month of Shawal.

Thanks to my mom, half of the things were all set before Ramadhan, I still needed to go to the saloon, and its where I spent most of yesterday. I regret forgetting my book at the car (The Kite Runner, to be exact). Hours passed by till my sister and I took our turn.

We came home pretty late last night, but I’m glad we were done before the night of Eid, since I had loads to do. One of the things I need to re-check is recharging the Camera, on second thought; I still haven’t bought a new card memory. Oh well, other than this, all was well.

Kel 3am wo intu b5air wo 3asakum min el3aydeen, inshallah. (Eid Mubarak)

P.s I want Eideiyah in return ;)

To-read list

* The Goblet Of Fire ~ Done.
* The Order Of The Phoenix ~ Done.
* Half-Blood Prince ~ Done.
* Deathly Hollows ~ Done.

* The Zahir
* The Valkyries,
* The Witch Of Portobello
* Brida ~ 1/2 Done.
- by Paulo Coelho.

* Shanghai Baby ~ 1/2 Done.
* Marrying Buddha (A sequel)
- by Wei Hui.

* A Thousand Splendid Suns ~ Done.
* The Kite Runner ~ Done.
- by Khalid Hosseini.

*Einstein, The Life And Times -by Ronald W.Clark.
*Everyone Worth Knowing - by Lauren Weisberger.
*The Davinci Code by Dan Brown.

* The Rules Of Survival by Nancy Werlin.
* Size Doesn't Matter by Meg Cabot ~ 1/2 Done.
* A Company Of Swans by Eva Ibbotson ~ 1/3 Done.
* The Devil Wears Prada ~ Currently reading and 1/2 Done.
* The Cell ~ Currently reading
* Everything's Eventual.
* Hearts In Atlantis.
- by Stephen King.


Warning: If you're ready to read an old scribble written down by a 14 years old girl when she was utterly bored, then go on, if not, pass the post. Wa 8ad a3thara man anthar [I’m excused]

Ignore the typos and the grammatical mistakes, I'm too lazy to edit things I've written once upon a time.


My life wasn't the same since that accident two years ago; I realized that not just my life that wasn't the same. But everything around me kept changing in a pace that I can barely keep up with. I understood that being free is just not that exact meaning which everyone was looking for.

It kept me unsure, un confident and insecure to know that I'm free rather than just being alone. Those two past years of my life was not what I expected they will be. It was far beyond my expectations: to live with no parents. Some of my dolphin friends enjoyed being left out and being able to swim with no restriction- just free from everything.

I can't lie by saying there is no enjoyment or fun in swimming freely, but knowing that there is no one there to watch after you, especially your mom who is waiting anxiously for your return or your dad who is willing to teach you new things on life and give you his secret life tips. There is no comparison to this feeling. The feeling which I lost just before two years, that no longer exists in my heart anymore.

Two years ago, I was as always discovering the deep spot near our living place. It was as any other usual day. The water was calm blue, with no rough waves or hard winds. Everything calm was all about this day. But out of nowhere everyone was alarmed that the hunters were coming close by our living place. That everyone started hiding and running away to save their lives. I too, was aware that it's the dolphin season to hunt – to track down us with no merciful heart and separate us from our family and beloved ones. It was not the same to the humans up there. Who are waiting to catch us and train us for their own benefit.

I've always considered humans the biggest danger and enemy, because honestly the other big fishes here in this ocean, understands our circumstance, but they have to do what they are meant to be doing. To be feeding on us. There is no harm in this – to take our lives for a good and convincing purpose. According to what human uses us for, is simply not that convenience. To trade our normal life here in where we belong in the first place, to fulfill their enjoyment and entertain their selves - by putting us in some kind of a small water spot, not even small as a river might be. What is the good reason in this now?

I consider myself as a victim of this situation as to what had happened two years ago. When those humans took my parents away and used them on some kind of a fish show. Which we're absolutely not – but why do they even care about this anyway. It's us that lives are ruined in as many possible ways as the word means. If they just think of us as fishes. Well, if I had the chance to face anyone of them and tell them we're just as mammal as they are.

I went on with my life in these two years without a conscious mind, as a dead body, living with an empty head. That's what I felt: To live with no purpose, to wander around aimless.

At some point in my limitless journey in wandering around the sea, I realized that there is absolutely no point in this life that I've chosen to live – or someone else had chosen to me. Anyway, I knew deep down inside my heart that it's not the smart way to deal with it: To be aimless. And that's totally not what my parents would want my life to be, if they just had a choice, which in this case they hadn't.

Through my first couple of months since my parents took-away. Hiding seemed to be my only solution. As I kept hiding- hiding from reality and trying to convince myself that there is hope if I just had faith, which I had but no longer exists. As the other feelings that just started fading away with every single wave in the surface of the water. Faking - was my second solution. To fake that everything was just fine and someday everything is going to be just the – normal. It also didn't do any good to me. It was like a whale trying to fake that her husband didn’t die, and then the last thing she knew, was seeing herself lying in some beach with every single human on this earth watching her.It took one year to understand that grieving was not the solution here, but to face reality as it is, and to enjoy every moment if what is left in my life. And surprisingly it worked.

Journeys and discovering was the only way to make me busy and contain me – in both ways: physically and mentally. Through them, I made new, wonderful and awesome friends. Who did their best not to mention their parents in front of me as my parent loss myself, I think it was kind and generous of them to do so. Riley, Karen and Anna were the best of friends I would ever ask for. All I knew was that, they were with me through my rough times and endured me when I was hysterical- as to hide or run away.

Now, I've decided to move from this place, where every single rock of the ocean reminds me of my loving mom and dad. It's not that I don't want to remember them. It's just hard to know that I would no longer be seeing them- very hard.

On my way now towards my unknown direction, I can see everyone wandering around happily knowing that they have somewhere to go. Not like what I am doing at this very exact moment: wandering around with nowhere to go. All I want is to belong. To feel that there is purpose of living what is left of my life which seems to be an endless life that I've gone through all by myself. For me, it's like I am never really living until I find something to die for. But the thing is: I have nothing to look up to, care for or at least in this case, die for.

Thanks for reading.

Too too too much

The picture speaks for it self,

Even though they clearly 'care' about our own health, why risk it for the studying sake when you won't when it comes to going out for breaks?

Back to the drama!

Ditched school from the first day, fortunately, I got the whole scoop from a friend of mine telling me I've been assigned to do the 'extended' level, the first thing I said was 'what's the difference..?'. Apparently, the 'extended' is more detailed than the 'core', or that's what I've came to understand.

Swine Flu ain't a joke to the peeps at school, a hand sanitizer would be applied on your hands at the gate, later on, desks would get moped up with special kind of dettol or something similar, then comes the Doc who checks your temperature, last but not the least, they'll apply essence (bu5oor) all around the classes. Exaggerating now, are we?

Other than that, new teachers would be teaching us this year. Kenians & Indians, mostly. Oh well, another year to get through.

I'm Me - The girl With The Pretty Face

Hayley is one of those girls who aren't comfortable with their own skin, but things turned the other way round now that she had went off to Italy this summer. Soon enough, she'd discover what real beauty looks like, and even what true amore can be.

This book is one of those books that keeps you thirsty for more,
Hayley's experience in Italy had it's ups and downs and quiet naturally, an enchanting ending with the one who loved her for who she is, rather than for what she looked like, Enzo.

Our World Has Been Invaded

Science Fiction For People Who Don't Like Science Fiction

The Host is a separate novel than the Twilight series by the same author, Stephenie Meyer. Within the first 30 chapters, we’re being introduced into a new world where souls invade the planet Earth and enter the human bodies.

Melanie is a strong and devoted human girl who got caught while her fail attempt of running away with her younger brother Jamie, and the man she loved Jared. Later on, Wanderer, the soul who invaded Melanie’s body, finds herself trapped in a love triangle which involve two bodies only, hers and Jared.

And then there’s more to come, once Melanie (the human girl) refuses to fade away, and overcomes Wanderer (the soul).

More info about The Host.

The Half-Blood Prince

The Book:
The last battle was something else compared to the other events in the beginning of the book. Harry's falling in love with Ginny made it whole lot interesting, but then, I don't think Rowling did them justice.

The Movie:

It wasn't all that. And to be honest, if I hadn't read the book I wouldn't have understood a single thing. The way they made up a whole new scenario of Harry falling in love with Ginny was a disappointment, and yeah, I didn't feel the chemistry between both of them. Overall, Daniel's acting sucked. Big time. Not to mention what he has done to his hair! Emma Watson had a remarkable part in the movie along with Rupert. The movie focused on Malfoy's weird attitude more than the whole story about The Half-Blood Prince's Potions copy. Either ways, Tom Felton never disappoints. He pulled the whole 'nervous & anxious' yet 'cool & calm' attitude just fine. Kudos. As expected, the book is always far better than the movie. 5/10.

Is it just me or Alan Rickman had actually gained loads of weight?

Farewell, Sirius!

It took me more than 2 weeks to finish off The Order Of The Phoenix, as I was abroad. I desperately needed company, and the book, provided that. The beginning was boring and dull due to introducing the member of the Order, but then questions that both Harry & I had in mind had been answered. By then, Sirius got killed by Bellatrix during the fight in the Department Of Mysteries, at the Ministry Of Magic.

A New Magical World

Ever since the end of July, I started picking up with the Harry Potter series. For some odd reason, I preferred taking a break from the non-fictional world for a while, and of course, a bit of magic won't harm. The Prisoner Of Azkaban was the very first book I've read from the series, besides The Chamber Of Secrets which I've read nearly 2 years ago in Arabic. Now that I came to think of it, the Arabic translation sucked, and it is by no means can be compared with the original version, that is in English. 5 months ago, I got The Goblet Of Fire as a gift and was fantasized by the world Rowling created.

I can say that The Prisoner Of Azkaban is my third favourite due to the fact that it's where Sirius's character had been introduced to the story first. The twists of the story were unpredictable. Who knew that a serial killer who had just broke out of Azkaban (Wizard's prison) would turn out to be Harry's Godfather? I know I didn't.

Add to that, Harry's finally getting to know about his father's story with his school pals; Sirius, Lupin, Wortmail, who happened to be Ron's rat for years! And discovering that he had had a relation to his
father, after all, as Sirius was the friend who both his parents had given the job to look over Harry whom of course Harry hadn't knew about for more than 12 years of his life.

Things then become utterly exciting in The Goblet Of Fire, where Harry with the help of Hermione had saved Sirius from nearly being kissed by the dementors (A soul-sucking kiss). The book was packed up with events, which I loved; the triwizard tournament, dementors attack..but at the end Cedric Diggory's death was as usual, unpredictable. He who got killed by Voldemort once he'd targeted Harry at the last task of the tournament.

This post is dedicated to Shanno.

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Welcome all to my blog, and no, don't expect me to update it anytime soon.

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Writing is my life. Without it, I don’t know how else I would survive. Whatever happens, I note it down. Reason being, I’m a blabbermouth and that, my friends, get on people nerves so I get it all down on paper. Paper and pen are my loyal friends, respect them. Someday, in an awesome time, if I ever get to sign on my first book, I’d dedicated to myself, because honestly, I cannot find a person worthy of it other than me.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K Rowling

Hassan And Mango by Rikaz Campaign

I Lived With It by Rikaz Campagin

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Thirst by Christopher Pike

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Ten Out Of Ten by Meg Cabot

Torn Apart by James Patterson and Hal Friedman

Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson