About Me

I am a high school student, one that believes she’s far different from her shallow and dramatic peers. I know the world of internet is not for me, heck, I know how stupid our age group can be when first getting into it. And as I said, I’m different. I aim to showcase my writings through it (via good ol’ blogger) and be able to debate on local issues at Omani English-speaking forums, besides read a few nice pieces of literature from it.

Writing is my life. Without it, I don’t know how else I would survive. Whatever happens, I note it down. Reason being, I’m a blabbermouth and that, my friends, get on people nerves so I get it all down on paper. Paper and pen are my loyal friends, respect them. Someday, in an awesome time, if I ever get to sign on my first book, I’d dedicated to myself, because honestly, I cannot find a person worthy of it other than me.

Besides struggling at high school, I work on completing my many unfinished novels and at the same, I'm a columnist for Oman Observer and so far, I have 14 articles on Muscat Daily, Gulf News and Oman observer.

Buying and reading novels are obsessions of mine that I’ll never grow out of. Unlike girls at my age, I dislike shopping if it didn’t involve books. I was often teased about this fact but to hell for what other thinks.

When you ask me about my opinion, I’ll speak up without any shyness in that matter. I’m a straight-forward person as well, and that saves me the hassle of complementing others. It’s either you earn it or not. As simple as that.