The Hidden Future

Have you ever thought of how you’re going to be like and where in let’s say...10 years from now on? I know I do think about this every waking moment. I stress on what might lie ahead yet try to focus on the present time.

Sometimes, I just doze off and daydream of the future, of my older version and what I might be doing at that exact moment, I try as hard as I can to feel the moment, sense it so it could at least become a reality, my present, even for a short while.

People find it weird but I still do it. I can’t wait to know how I’d be like in 10 years, what’s my occupation, or if my attitude would change or not. It gets frustrating at times but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Having said that, I plan to lead the same life as now of course with minor changes; not having to wake up early in the morning to attend school, for example, or meet my friends 5 times a week. I am afraid that when I grow a bit old that I might change, or my perspective might change on different things because I obviously like things the way they are.

But then again, I am known for my dislike for change. I’ve tried to convince myself that change doesn’t necessarily mean to be bad, that for once, it can result to the total opposite of my ideas, to the better.

What about you, readers, what’s your perspective of change? Are you afraid of it as much as I am?

And since I've blogged way too much this weekend, I shall leave you all with my favourite song:

TheWeek's Cubscribe Challange

The Week challenges different school teams to write up a story for two pages that its due to April, 15. Yesterday, my team and I attended the workshop at Muscat International School with a group of The Week editors to discuss what should be done and ask questions regarding the matter.

Due to crazy traffic, we arrived 30 minutes later but were glad to make it at last. The workshop lasted for an hour and a half and we knew what we’re supposed to be doing exactly. On the other hand, I met Nabsj, Aswath and Filly for the first time. Later that morning, my friends and I walked to QCC and had total fun.

The workshop made me realize that we have lots to do regarding the story and the layout of the two pages and the fact that it’s not going to be easy.

[Book Review] Ten Out Of Ten

Ever since 08 I was looking for the final installment of the series and while being at the book fair this year, I found it and decided to get it over with already. The next day was a holiday so I sat down and finished it in a one-sitting.

I kept wondering why the hell I wasted my time in following the whole series but the answer was perfectly clear: I was an ignorant, childish teenager who loved this type of girly-stupid books.

Turned out, J.P wasn’t Mia’s Mr.Right and that she had to go through all of this to realize that Micheal was ‘the one’ and J.P wanted to get all the fame by dating a princess.

So ridiculous, right? Yes, but I had to know what would happen as I chose to start it.

Still, the idea of people getting lots of $$$$ out of writing utter bull$hit is beyond me. And dear Meg Cabot, I give you my full approval of changing your name to Meg Babble, because you really know how to waste good 700 pages of paper in repeating the same dramatic lines zillions of time.

Ten out of ten you call it? More like -10/10, if you ask me.

[Book Review] The Time Traveler's Wife

A story of a man who suffers from a disease where he goes back to the past or to the present and future. He’s trapped in the battle of time, trying to stay put as much as he can so he could hang out with his wife, Clare.

At the beginning, he struggles to go back and meet Clare, the young version of Clare (starting from 5 years old). Henry emphasizes on how the force of love brought them together, and that nothing, not even the dislocation of time that occurs to him unexpectedly can tore them apart, but I did not think that was exactly true. Clare got to meet a man at the age of five, who claims to know every single detail about her and was obliged to be-friend him…till she was sane enough to fall in love with the older version of Henry, probably at the age of 40. It was an unusual kind of relationship between Clare and Henry considering the huge age difference in Henry’s past and Clare’s present, almost gave Henry the pedophilia impression.

Writing style wise, it was a new one. Audrey has this bold type of writing that forces you to read and blinds your eyes on the many flaws of the story plot.

A time traveler seemed like a good story as a science fiction but ruining it with a wild type of love relationship between two people was too much for me. 4/10.

I wouldn't waste my time in watching its movie because...well, just take a look at the stupid trailer.

Zee Fairy Trip

As mentioned in a previous post, BOMU arranged a ferry trip on Tuesday, March 16th for the participant of the 1st Muscat Youth Summit.

Being the punctual type we are, our team arrived before an hour to the meeting point (National Ferries Company) in Muscat so we had to ask if we could wait at the waiting hall. 30 minutes later, the organizers of the event arrived and after a good number of students filled the place, we headed to the ferry.

For it being my first time, I was fantasized by the size of the ferry and how organized it was. At first, I was overwhelmed by the illusion of being seasick but soon though, I realized it was just my wild imagination playing tricks on me so I roamed around the ferry, enjoying the awesome view outside.

Finally, we were allowed to get up to the roof where helicopters usually lands on and lined up for a group picture:

All in all, I had an enjoyable time with friends and an amazing trip and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Photos credit: The above pictures were taken off of Facebook group as my camera went blank and the pictures I took are gone.

Dreaming Big

I dream of graduating with top grades…I picture myself at the graduation ceremony…my name being called out loud for everyone to hear and I have a deja-vu of walking to the stage, the only different is, I leave the rest behind me this time, for it became history from this moment onwards.

The scene dissolves and here I am, acing my third driving trial with such proud and confidence, overwhelmed by an euphoric feeling of independence.

5:30, the clock reads. This is it, I say out loud to make it sound official and surreal. My head feels heavy even though I had a little amount of sleep the night before…I take a quick bath and change into my suit, the same one I bought a month ago for the day I have only witnessed in my most beautiful dreams. Within less than an hour, I step into my own library. The secretary greets me and my employees scream ‘congraaaaaats!’ together and I am the happiest and luckiest girl in the entire world.

“Could you please…erm…dedicate this to my daughter? You are her only inspiration”, I nod, satisfied and give the mother a broad smile one that says it all. I sign on the book and stare at it till I realize that it is her copy but I am the one who has her name on the cover and this pleases me to no end.

I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream’’ ~ Vincent van Gogh.

My wishes revolve around achieving what I have in mind of ambitious ideas. The world is only waiting for me to get out there and make a move, take a stand and announce that I am here to paint it with bright, beautiful colours.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes’’ ~ Mahatma Gandi

Visualizing is part of getting what you want in life. There is no shame in dreaming big, aiming for the best and setting noble goals. The shame lies in being pessimistic, excepting everything to easily come to where you are. Who tells you life is easy is insane. You cannot possibly expect to have a fairy god mother to change your status once you are desperate, nor a tall bean tree to give you gold whenever.

We are the music-makes, and we are the dreamers of dreams” ~ Arthur O’Shaughnessy

These stuffs do not exist. Fairytales where created by great minds that chose to act, to write it all down for us but they did not stop there, did they? No, to those who could not visualize it, movies were made. They made it easier for you to get its content. Again, things did not end up here: You get to play video games based on your favourite character...the part where you get so engrossed in it that you almost forget about your reality.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you should get out of the comfort zone once in a while. Go out there and do what you’re good at, prove your existence by doing what you love with the people you love.

Note: A lot of this talk was inspired by The Secret, and reviewing the book needs a post of its own.

Enjoy the rest of your week because I am sure as hell that I am going to enjoy mine.

Busy March

Guess what? Today is the official day of my last mock examination (not technically because there’s the ICT practical test tomorrow but I don’t usually count it as one). That being said, the next big worry is acing IGCSEs which is on May-June.

After being prepared for almost 2 months for this examination, what I desperately need is a few weeks of relaxation and taking my mind out of school and the hectic days I go through. And no, this can never be the case since there’s one month to be all set for IGCSEs after having finished the syllabus. We all have to wait and start revising from now on because (as everybody's aware of), it’s not any exam, alas, an international one. Pray for me, readers.

On the bright side, this is a very busy week for me. There’s tomorrow’s final exam, and Tuesday, which is the deadline of the photography competition (that has no theme whatsoever and that makes it all the more harder to choose) and….

.....The long awaited ferry trip (the ferry below, to be exact)

Thanks to BOMU for arranging this event, 1st Youth Summit participant are all invited. If I was allowed to go, I would meet up with the friends I made while attending the workshops back in December and the awarding ceremony in February.

Profession wise, I am working with a team of my own choice in building up a story for TheWeek’s Cubscribe challenge (finding Sultanate’s best journalist), and the deadline is on March, 25th. Besides, there’s the Journalism Workshop on March, 16th at Muscat International school in order to get some tips and get the work done easily.

As a treat, I am currently downloading Spore and Half Life 2 to play later. Are there any good video games you recommend for a noob like me?

After boring you for so long about my days, what are you guys up to lately?

For now, enjoy the rest of your day!


Just Simple tagged me in her post 7 random facts (Thanks), and being the boring type I am, I shall bore you readers as well. So hang on and here we go:

1. I am a high school student, one that believes she’s far different from her shallow and dramatic peers. I know the world of internet is not for me, heck, I know how stupid our age group can be when first getting into it. And as I said, I’m different. I aim to showcase my writings through it (via good ol’ blogger) and be able to debate on local issues at Omani English-speaking forums, besides read a few nice pieces of literature from it. Other than that, I hate MSN and the likes.

2. Writing is my life. Without it, I don’t know how else I would survive. Whatever happens, I note it down. Reason being, I’m a blabbermouth and that, my friends, get on people nerves so I get it all down on paper. Paper and pen are my loyal friends, respect them. Someday, in an awesome time, if I ever get to sign on my first book, I’d dedicated to myself, because honestly, I cannot find a person worthy of it other than me.

3. Buying and reading novels are obsessions of mine that I’ll never grow out of. Unlike girls at my age, I dislike shopping if it didn’t involve books. I was often teased about this fact but to hell for what other thinks.

4. Generally, I’m a reserved kind of person. If I’m quiet, you better stop yourself from asking me if I’m upset or whatnot because YOU’ll be upset if I answered. I keep things to myself and people should know their limits. Only those who I feel comfortable around are allowed to stick their noses in my business.

5. You know how sometimes you start laughing because your lie is no way going to be believed? Well, I’m in that position whenever I try to make up a lie. Yes, I’m a very bad lair. It sometimes bugs me but hey, it’s a good thing.

6. When you ask me about my opinion, I’ll speak up without any shyness in that matter. I’m a straight-forward person as well, and that saves me the hassle of complementing others. It’s either you earn it or not. As simple as that.

7. You ask me what was yesterday’s lunch and I tell you I have no idea. I’m a short term memory holder unless there are significant memories needed to be remembered. During summer, if I was engrossed in writing or reading in a constant pattern, I’d skip my meals.

See? This wasn’t bad at all, right? You got to know lots about me. Its time for me to get to know you guys too; Post 7 random facts about yourselves.

Non-crowed Princess,

Guess Who Got Published Again?

While I was flipping Gulf News' paper today, I found a letter I sent sometimes back about Muscat Book Fair to the editor.

Earthquake After Another

I can clearly remember the first day of January, and before that, how everyone greeted each other with a happy new year and made a huge fuss on twenty-ten. No longer did this celebration last after Haiti’s earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 on Jan, 12th, when more than 230,000 people were killed in a matter of 35 seconds only.

Followed shortly by Chile’s 8.8 magnitude earthquake on February, 27th which killed at least 528 people.

And an aftershock earthquake, magnitude of
6.6 hits Chile on March, 5 causing more damages to the already shocked and devastated country.

Just yesterday, March, 8th, an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude hit eastern Turkey, killing at lease 57 people.

A list of significant Earthquakes in the year 2010:

* Magnitude 6.0 Eastern Turkey ~ March 08, 2010
* Magnitude 6.5 Southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia ~ March 05, 2010
* Magnitude 6.6 Offshore Bio-bio, Chile ~ March 05, 2010
* Magnitude 8.8 Offshore Maule, Chile ~ February 27, 2010
* Magnitude 7.0 Ryukyu Islands, Japan ~ February 26, 2010
* Magnitude 6.9 China-Russia-North Korea Border Region ~ February 18, 2010
* Magnitude 5.9 Offshore Northern California ~ February 04, 2010
* Magnitude 7.0 Haiti Region ~ January 12, 2010


قُل لَّن يُصِيبَنَآ إِلاَّ مَا كَتَبَ الله لَنَا
~التوبة :51

May they rest in peace..

Muscat Book Fair Overview

Muscat Book Fair is an annual event that is said to be one of the most anticipated events of the year. Students can’t wait to go to the fair with their peers as school trips arranged every year. When you see the great number of people gathered around the place you’d notice how concerned they’re all are in buying books in order to develop their habit of reading. I personally find it amusing that kids urge their classmates to buy this or that book especially if it had an attractive, coloured cover!

Talking about this year’s fair, I immediately rushed to the English section to explore what it had in store for me, what types of fictional stories that waited for me to grab and start reading from the moment I reached back home it self. What I felt after that was plain disappointment. There were less quality and more quantity which is directly proportional to my last year’s observation, although, I could not help but notice the amount of educational books at the fair. College students swarmed around these areas and were glad to find such valuable materials that are related to their studies in one way or the other.

As I am an avid reader, I would prefer if there were more novels directed to the teenage group. Providing a different variety of genres through selling novels can defiantly encourage and boost the passion for reading in youngsters. And extending the length of the fair’s duration would be useful as well, since some schools and colleges are undergoing midterm’s exams and/or 3rd terms. Over all, Book Fairs are a total success in a city like Muscat that lacks of bookshops. So if you have not been to the fair yet, you should think of paying a visit as Friday is the last day!