Quick Update

Ever since I started Omani Book Mania, I've completely forgotten about this one. But I'm glad to say that the latter have been very active and the amount of reposonse we got from the start have been really encouraging. The e-mails, the views and comments were enough for us to start our first book club which I've blogged about earlier. We're currently reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows and so far, have finished 3 live discussion sessions and the fourth one is scheduled for tomorrow.

Other than that, I've started my holiday since the 13th and have been reading ever since. I'm trying my best to savour this summer indoors as I don't have any plans to leave the country. I'm determined to finish at least 30% of my unread books and review them for Omani Book Mania, can I do that?

What about you? What are your summer plans?

Re-post: First Book Club Read

I'm re-posting this from Omani Book Mania Check out the site for more info on this.

With the Harry Potter movies coming to an end in July 15th I thought it’d be fun to read (or re-read in the majority’s case) The Deathly Hallows book together. For those of you who are as excited as I am, you’ll enjoy re-reading again, only this time with your favourite peeps online.

So how does this work?

We’ll start reading on the 13th of June, an opening post will be put up to announce the beginning of the challenge. I’ve divided the 35 chapters in 3 weeks. Meaning: 5 chapters in 3 days. On the third day, a post by one of us will be put up reviewing what he/she thought of the chapters, asking questions for you all to interact and comment on what you’ve discovered/learned or liked in these 5 chapters. To make it easier for all of us and in order to understand the arrangement of the days and chapters, I made this calendar (Which, I hope, is clear)

How is this different?

Well for one, we’re all reading together at the same. Second, we’ll be reading and sharing our comments on the go.

This is my first time arranging a book club and without you guys, your willingness and contribution, this thing would not work. This is just an idea, I can’t go on about it without your support and input. Thus I’d really appreciate if you would tell me beforehand if you’re willing to step in and be consistent with the group. If you’ve read The Deathly Hallows before and do not intend on reading it again, do come in to add your comments, discuss and let us know your thoughts. If you’ve not read the book, then hey, it’s a fun activity during your summer!

Leave a comment if you want to participate and if you have any suggestions or ideas, don’t hesitate to e-mail me on: omanibookmania@gmail.com

Please spread this message around, re-post, share the link, tweet it, email it, for all those bookworms out there who haven’t read the book or want to re-read it again. We want to make this happen and you can help us.

"Live It Up" Album Review

If you're one of my Twitter followers, I apologise in advance for I have spammed your Timeline with my obsessive tweets over @LeeDeWyze and his songs. So here's my comments on his album "Live It Up"

The first song I heard in this album and fell head over heels for is “Beautiful Like You” The lyrics are so catchy, the beats are absolutely amazing and his vocals in this song are so beautiful. It reminded me why I’ve been rooting for him in American Idol since day one.

My next favourite song is “Me & My Jealousy”, the lyrics are great too and the idea of the only company that is left is just yourself and your jealousy is quite haunting. The chorus however didn’t appeal to me that much. It goes off to a higher pitch after a calming beginning and ending. I think the arrangement is somehow messed up but that aside, I really adore this one too.

Third in line is “Only Dreaming” a bonus track in the album. The composed beats of this song gives off soothing vibes and the lyrics are nice. Lee’s voice here couldn’t have been more stunning. Listen to it here.

Next up is “Live It Up” which reminds me a lot of Jason Mraz’s style of singing and that’s probably the only reason why I like it. Listen to it here.

The last one which I totally hate is "Sweet Serendipity” It’s not what Lee’s used to sing and I have no idea what he was thinking when he recorded it. Such a turn off.