I'm Me - The girl With The Pretty Face

Hayley is one of those girls who aren't comfortable with their own skin, but things turned the other way round now that she had went off to Italy this summer. Soon enough, she'd discover what real beauty looks like, and even what true amore can be.

This book is one of those books that keeps you thirsty for more,
Hayley's experience in Italy had it's ups and downs and quiet naturally, an enchanting ending with the one who loved her for who she is, rather than for what she looked like, Enzo.

Our World Has Been Invaded

Science Fiction For People Who Don't Like Science Fiction

The Host is a separate novel than the Twilight series by the same author, Stephenie Meyer. Within the first 30 chapters, we’re being introduced into a new world where souls invade the planet Earth and enter the human bodies.

Melanie is a strong and devoted human girl who got caught while her fail attempt of running away with her younger brother Jamie, and the man she loved Jared. Later on, Wanderer, the soul who invaded Melanie’s body, finds herself trapped in a love triangle which involve two bodies only, hers and Jared.

And then there’s more to come, once Melanie (the human girl) refuses to fade away, and overcomes Wanderer (the soul).

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The Half-Blood Prince

The Book:
The last battle was something else compared to the other events in the beginning of the book. Harry's falling in love with Ginny made it whole lot interesting, but then, I don't think Rowling did them justice.

The Movie:

It wasn't all that. And to be honest, if I hadn't read the book I wouldn't have understood a single thing. The way they made up a whole new scenario of Harry falling in love with Ginny was a disappointment, and yeah, I didn't feel the chemistry between both of them. Overall, Daniel's acting sucked. Big time. Not to mention what he has done to his hair! Emma Watson had a remarkable part in the movie along with Rupert. The movie focused on Malfoy's weird attitude more than the whole story about The Half-Blood Prince's Potions copy. Either ways, Tom Felton never disappoints. He pulled the whole 'nervous & anxious' yet 'cool & calm' attitude just fine. Kudos. As expected, the book is always far better than the movie. 5/10.

Is it just me or Alan Rickman had actually gained loads of weight?

Farewell, Sirius!

It took me more than 2 weeks to finish off The Order Of The Phoenix, as I was abroad. I desperately needed company, and the book, provided that. The beginning was boring and dull due to introducing the member of the Order, but then questions that both Harry & I had in mind had been answered. By then, Sirius got killed by Bellatrix during the fight in the Department Of Mysteries, at the Ministry Of Magic.

A New Magical World

Ever since the end of July, I started picking up with the Harry Potter series. For some odd reason, I preferred taking a break from the non-fictional world for a while, and of course, a bit of magic won't harm. The Prisoner Of Azkaban was the very first book I've read from the series, besides The Chamber Of Secrets which I've read nearly 2 years ago in Arabic. Now that I came to think of it, the Arabic translation sucked, and it is by no means can be compared with the original version, that is in English. 5 months ago, I got The Goblet Of Fire as a gift and was fantasized by the world Rowling created.

I can say that The Prisoner Of Azkaban is my third favourite due to the fact that it's where Sirius's character had been introduced to the story first. The twists of the story were unpredictable. Who knew that a serial killer who had just broke out of Azkaban (Wizard's prison) would turn out to be Harry's Godfather? I know I didn't.

Add to that, Harry's finally getting to know about his father's story with his school pals; Sirius, Lupin, Wortmail, who happened to be Ron's rat for years! And discovering that he had had a relation to his
father, after all, as Sirius was the friend who both his parents had given the job to look over Harry whom of course Harry hadn't knew about for more than 12 years of his life.

Things then become utterly exciting in The Goblet Of Fire, where Harry with the help of Hermione had saved Sirius from nearly being kissed by the dementors (A soul-sucking kiss). The book was packed up with events, which I loved; the triwizard tournament, dementors attack..but at the end Cedric Diggory's death was as usual, unpredictable. He who got killed by Voldemort once he'd targeted Harry at the last task of the tournament.

This post is dedicated to Shanno.