Meeting Jodi Picoult

This place is so dusty. Many things have changed in 2012; I finished school, got a scholarship and I am now in the UK studying HR. Life is funny that way. One minute you think you're not gonna make it and the next you're right where you always wanted to be. 

I met my favourite author on the 2nd of April.

What can I say about Jodi Picoult?

Her stories leave you sleepless, they haunt you and make you question everything. They also disappoint you in the end, but you will learn later why things ended the way they did. Her stories start with a what-if question. One of the audience asked her if her stories are character or issue driven. Her answer was that even though her stories discuss an issue, her characters usually have a voice of their own. She said it's like she is their medium, she just writes what they say. 

To meet such a talented writer was always a dream of mine. And to be able to hear her speak so passionately about writing was an amazing experience.