My Eid

19th Nov was the date of my final update. Soon after that day, my first term exams started giving me lesser time to spend on blogging or anything else. Things went on very smoothly, except that I’m still lacking behind in Maths (As I always did – No surprise there).

My sister and I spent the past couple of days that followed Eid at my Granny’s and I got to read more than I usually do, which is a bonus. Take this from me, isolating yourself from civilization for a while to achieve a specific task is the key to success.

It took me a long time to decide on where to stay over for the upcoming days (Starting from Eid’s night itself) and I finally settled at Granny’s (Dad’s part of the family). As usual on the first day of Eid, we were the late comers as everyone was waiting for us to join in the tiny house. My parents left early to get ready and I kissed them goodbye and made sure to tuck in my wish-list somewhere - I, amongst my siblings, am the only one who usually does this.

That evening, my uncle took all of us to Qurum City Centre based on our never-ending demands (God bless him). Entering from the food court entrance was a bonus to the whole thing as Borders Express is located next to it. The kids went crazy over the electronic games shouting how much money was needed and I found myself eyeing the books one by one looking for a catchy title.

Those caught my attention:

I finished Girls Of Riydh last night. I had a fun read, there’s no doubt about this, but I found the story plot very typical when comparing it to ‘our’ world. The things that the four Saudi girls went through are the same things girls here are going through; looking for the love of their life.

Here are some random shots I took while staring at the place's natural beauty:

Hope ya’ll enjoyed your Eid because I know I did, and it’s better late than never to say: Eid Mubarak.

[P.S This post is dedicated to my lovely Granny and her children who endured my sister’s demands and mine].

The National Day

We didn’t exactly have a proper celebration at school for obvious reasons; avoiding crowded situations so as to limit the wide spread of Swine Flu and instead, we were given a chance to celebrate at our own classes by wearing whatever it is that we want of Omani traditional dresses.

The students wore a mixture of colours on the 18th and everyone looked rather happy and cheery on a school day not to mention, looking forward for the weekends, but that’s beside the point. I used to wear Abaya on the past National Day celebrations but wasn’t in the mood to this year and so I wore my uniform and was surprised to be the only one who did.

After having finished our exam at the first three lessons, my classmates rushed down to the first floor to watch Kindergarten’s celebration and the view from the third floor satisfied me.

Then we started having our own so called ‘celebration’. I would have ditched school if it weren’t for the exam’s sake but I have to admit about enjoying the music and this, of course:

Later that evening my little sister urged me to tag along to her own school celebration, I only agreed to go to watch the little kids in dresses who were utterly adorable.

My Article On Oman Obeserver

Here's my crappy article on Oman Obeserver (Published on the 16th - yesterday)

Have you heard of the 1st Muscat Youth Summit on Dec? Well, I'll be going next month. I've also filled the form and chose 'Pulishing and IGeneration' workshop for the first day and 'Future Thinking' for the next.

The workshops will be held at AlNahda Resort and Spa from 7th to 9th of Dec and is aimed at students of ages 14 – 21. I’ll fill you guys in with the detailed info once I get there.

Reaching Out To It...

Ever had that feeling of climbing up on the summit of that specific high mountain, where you get to sense the breeze of being on top of the world, on top of everything that for a second, you’re afraid of having your chest burst out of all of this unfathomable, indistinguishable happiness?

Then suddenly, out of the blue, this indescribable feeling goes away. Just like that! Within a blink of an eye, it’s no longer there. For once, it was just like the world revolved around you, even for the tiniest second, but that doesn’t matter, you’ve decided. What matters now, is the pleasure of having tried it, experienced it even if it meant there’s no Deja Vu, it’s totally okay…

Seems utterly right to you, even though you can’t help but dread the reasons which took it away from you. Stole it away like it owned it and has the right to snatch what seemed to you as the only desirable thing, the thing that you’ve always longed for.

[The long staircase in the picture demonstrates the steps you’ll have to get through in order to feel the exact same feelings and its height represent the obstacles you might face when doing so. The sky is that summit; that defiantly very-hard-to-reach peak, and in this case, your dreams and wishes].

Recent Book Reviews

While trying to catch up with studies, I’m also reducing the amount of reading I get to do during weekdays. I’ve been meaning to write proper reviews about the last books I’ve read (Since September); even though I clearly know that I can never have the time to.

A Thousand Splendid Suns
The question I had in mind while reading was; why was Mariam acting weirdly when her 60-years-old husband married the16-years-old Laila? was it because of her jealousy towards Rasheed's marriage, or because of Laila's young age? I understood the bit about her jealousy of someone’s taking Rasheed from her later on. The story sounded so realistic to me, that I could admit about it being a page-turner! Though the ending makes it whole lot interesting, it truly was a tragedy, Mariam's life, I mean. It made me get to know about Afghanistan’s life after the invasion, the rules which were to be enforced on people claiming that they were 'Islamic' ones.

One of the best books I've read in a while - 10/10.

The Kite Runner
Both of Khaled’s novels has the same vibe into them; the strong relationship that involves two people. Two people who got to know each other by either coincidence or being raised with each other since childhood.

I’ve been recommended by many to read the two brilliant pieces of work by Khaled Hoesseini ages ago, and I’m really glad that I did.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Yes, I saw the movie meanwhile I was trying very hard to get it over with already, but seeing as how huge the book was, I started making up excuses so as not to read it. Laziness? I know. It's basically a work of fiction that talks about a girl who got a job at a fashion magazine, and is obeying her bossy boss to save her job. The flow of the events weren’t smooth enough for me, thus I watched the movie. Its storyline reminded me of Susanna Sees Stars by Mary Hogan, the only difference is that it was well written and HUGE.

Since I don’t Have you by Louise Candlish
Bought it last Thursday, and I’m already halfway through it (blame it on the amount of quizzes we had in the past week) - Wait for the actual post when I finish it.

Borders – The New Dating Area

Borders is known about how over crowded it is. The majority that occupies the only small decent bookshop we have now are those who are waiting for their GF/BF’s.

On the third day of Eid, the security guy didn’t allow ‘guys’ to enter, they were wondering why and asking lots of questions when he replied ‘min kether balawikom[Because of your problems], they’d said ‘ay balawi?[which ones?] smirking around and were told off. You could have counted the people who were reading and searching around for knowledge.

Thursday night, it was as crowded as ever.
Where in the world was the security dude? I couldn't help but wonder.

Ever noticed this phenomenon? Whom do you think should be blamed?