Not Anymore

أليس مصيرُ ذلكَ للزوال؟

"أيا من عاشَ فى الدنيا طويـلا *** وأفنى العمَر فـى قِيلٍ وقـالِ
وأتعبَ نفسَه فيمـا سَيَفْنَــى *** وجَمَّعَ من حـرامٍ أو حـلال
هَبِ الدنيا تُقاد إليك عفــوًا *** أليس مصير ذلكَ للزوالِ ؟"

~ أبو العتاهية

We Meet Again!

What does a person say when he've been so out of it for the past year that none of the things he will say will ever make up for the things he did not do?


I missed babbling like that. Like there's something important I will say if you just read along.. I forgot how good this feels, to write for the heck of it. Not because you have a 2-pages-long essay you have to submit the next day. No, this feels good. Really good. To be writing as if there's a point you'd like to make, a doubt you'd want to clear out, an uncertainty you'd like to make sure of. Whatever it is, there's an odd sense of relief you'll feel after reading the letters you spread across a page.

This have been a crazy year for me, I don't know what or why I am where I am but I'd like to think I'm taking it slow, to figure it all out. I just hope it won't be too late when and if I do.

School's going to be over in a month. How frightening and exciting =)

What's been recently added to my wish-list, this amazing vintage typewriter I found on ebay. I'd love to have one someday.

Take care all,