Busy March

Guess what? Today is the official day of my last mock examination (not technically because there’s the ICT practical test tomorrow but I don’t usually count it as one). That being said, the next big worry is acing IGCSEs which is on May-June.

After being prepared for almost 2 months for this examination, what I desperately need is a few weeks of relaxation and taking my mind out of school and the hectic days I go through. And no, this can never be the case since there’s one month to be all set for IGCSEs after having finished the syllabus. We all have to wait and start revising from now on because (as everybody's aware of), it’s not any exam, alas, an international one. Pray for me, readers.

On the bright side, this is a very busy week for me. There’s tomorrow’s final exam, and Tuesday, which is the deadline of the photography competition (that has no theme whatsoever and that makes it all the more harder to choose) and….

.....The long awaited ferry trip (the ferry below, to be exact)

Thanks to BOMU for arranging this event, 1st Youth Summit participant are all invited. If I was allowed to go, I would meet up with the friends I made while attending the workshops back in December and the awarding ceremony in February.

Profession wise, I am working with a team of my own choice in building up a story for TheWeek’s Cubscribe challenge (finding Sultanate’s best journalist), and the deadline is on March, 25th. Besides, there’s the Journalism Workshop on March, 16th at Muscat International school in order to get some tips and get the work done easily.

As a treat, I am currently downloading Spore and Half Life 2 to play later. Are there any good video games you recommend for a noob like me?

After boring you for so long about my days, what are you guys up to lately?

For now, enjoy the rest of your day!


Lonely said...

A ferry trip eh?
Sounds really really interesting, I would've loved to go :(

What am I up to?
Hmm, other than being sick, I have finals, this week and the next and that's all I'll be thinking about and working for!

All the best sweets :)

Kitten said...

Yep, tomorrow is the day!

Salamat, ma tshoofi shar inshallah, and good luck to you too.

Lonely said...

Thanks Kitten :)
Have fun