[Book Review] The Time Traveler's Wife

A story of a man who suffers from a disease where he goes back to the past or to the present and future. He’s trapped in the battle of time, trying to stay put as much as he can so he could hang out with his wife, Clare.

At the beginning, he struggles to go back and meet Clare, the young version of Clare (starting from 5 years old). Henry emphasizes on how the force of love brought them together, and that nothing, not even the dislocation of time that occurs to him unexpectedly can tore them apart, but I did not think that was exactly true. Clare got to meet a man at the age of five, who claims to know every single detail about her and was obliged to be-friend him…till she was sane enough to fall in love with the older version of Henry, probably at the age of 40. It was an unusual kind of relationship between Clare and Henry considering the huge age difference in Henry’s past and Clare’s present, almost gave Henry the pedophilia impression.

Writing style wise, it was a new one. Audrey has this bold type of writing that forces you to read and blinds your eyes on the many flaws of the story plot.

A time traveler seemed like a good story as a science fiction but ruining it with a wild type of love relationship between two people was too much for me. 4/10.

I wouldn't waste my time in watching its movie because...well, just take a look at the stupid trailer.


Nabaa Baqir said...

4/10? I heard a lot about it and I was planning to read it =S

Hope said...


This was the first English Novel I ever read!
It took me a LONG while to read and I wasn't so impressed. It was kinda too much to follow. I think I kinda forgot some bits as I went on!

But I wouldn't give it a 4. I'll probably give it a 6 or 7!

& btw, the movie is quite nice if you're into love stories where it somehow works out at the end and everyone is happy! Even though this one is super weird and complicated!

Maryam said...

Naba: You should give it a try and decide for yourself.

Lonely: See, that's the thing, I'm not into this kind of movies. I like things to be realistic to a certain extinct.

Hope said...

I like unrealistic love stories hehe
I know its cheesy but they kinda make me happy. i mean, we certainly can't have them so why not watch and dream? lol
Life is filled with horrible and mean people. Bad things happen as much as good things but in these movies it ALWAYS just has to work out, some way or another and I 9ara7a find it amusing, hilarious and refreshing =P