Dreaming Big

I dream of graduating with top grades…I picture myself at the graduation ceremony…my name being called out loud for everyone to hear and I have a deja-vu of walking to the stage, the only different is, I leave the rest behind me this time, for it became history from this moment onwards.

The scene dissolves and here I am, acing my third driving trial with such proud and confidence, overwhelmed by an euphoric feeling of independence.

5:30, the clock reads. This is it, I say out loud to make it sound official and surreal. My head feels heavy even though I had a little amount of sleep the night before…I take a quick bath and change into my suit, the same one I bought a month ago for the day I have only witnessed in my most beautiful dreams. Within less than an hour, I step into my own library. The secretary greets me and my employees scream ‘congraaaaaats!’ together and I am the happiest and luckiest girl in the entire world.

“Could you please…erm…dedicate this to my daughter? You are her only inspiration”, I nod, satisfied and give the mother a broad smile one that says it all. I sign on the book and stare at it till I realize that it is her copy but I am the one who has her name on the cover and this pleases me to no end.

I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream’’ ~ Vincent van Gogh.

My wishes revolve around achieving what I have in mind of ambitious ideas. The world is only waiting for me to get out there and make a move, take a stand and announce that I am here to paint it with bright, beautiful colours.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes’’ ~ Mahatma Gandi

Visualizing is part of getting what you want in life. There is no shame in dreaming big, aiming for the best and setting noble goals. The shame lies in being pessimistic, excepting everything to easily come to where you are. Who tells you life is easy is insane. You cannot possibly expect to have a fairy god mother to change your status once you are desperate, nor a tall bean tree to give you gold whenever.

We are the music-makes, and we are the dreamers of dreams” ~ Arthur O’Shaughnessy

These stuffs do not exist. Fairytales where created by great minds that chose to act, to write it all down for us but they did not stop there, did they? No, to those who could not visualize it, movies were made. They made it easier for you to get its content. Again, things did not end up here: You get to play video games based on your favourite character...the part where you get so engrossed in it that you almost forget about your reality.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you should get out of the comfort zone once in a while. Go out there and do what you’re good at, prove your existence by doing what you love with the people you love.

Note: A lot of this talk was inspired by The Secret, and reviewing the book needs a post of its own.

Enjoy the rest of your week because I am sure as hell that I am going to enjoy mine.


Lonely said...

You remind me a lot of myself...
The way you write, the way you think; even your dreams...

I once had a dream, my very own best seller book.. I don't know what happened to it?! Medical school maybe? *sigh*

As I mentioned in my post "Dream BIG", I'm blessed to have people in my life that always encourage me and inspire me so here I am, dreaming big again whether it was a best seller book or an invention that wins me the Nobel Prize. I mean, why not? ;)

All the best

Kitten said...

^ I'm flattered to say the least. My dreams are all 'nerdy'; revolving around literature mostly and one day, I'll be able to take a major in it, inshallah.

Yes, why not? Great people began from zero, took baby steps to reach wherever they are now. Anything could happen as long as you believe it would.

Thank you for always stopping by :)

Stimulus said...

That's so true. You can dream all you want, and it's a good thing (keeps the positivity up), but you can't stop there. Getting up there and becoming one of the success stories requires much more than mere dreaming and planning and living within your boundaries. I like how you wrote the post :)

Texan in UAE said...

All I can say is wow. You write so beautiful. Is English your second langauge? If so, Masha'a'Allah. You are a very inspiring writer. Keep this up. I'm totally putting your blog, in my favs. Thanks, sis.

Kitten said...

Stimulus: Thank you for passing by.

Texan: Yes, English is my second language and thank you for your words, I appreciate it.