[Book Review] Ten Out Of Ten

Ever since 08 I was looking for the final installment of the series and while being at the book fair this year, I found it and decided to get it over with already. The next day was a holiday so I sat down and finished it in a one-sitting.

I kept wondering why the hell I wasted my time in following the whole series but the answer was perfectly clear: I was an ignorant, childish teenager who loved this type of girly-stupid books.

Turned out, J.P wasn’t Mia’s Mr.Right and that she had to go through all of this to realize that Micheal was ‘the one’ and J.P wanted to get all the fame by dating a princess.

So ridiculous, right? Yes, but I had to know what would happen as I chose to start it.

Still, the idea of people getting lots of $$$$ out of writing utter bull$hit is beyond me. And dear Meg Cabot, I give you my full approval of changing your name to Meg Babble, because you really know how to waste good 700 pages of paper in repeating the same dramatic lines zillions of time.

Ten out of ten you call it? More like -10/10, if you ask me.


Hope said...

I stopped reading the series at the 4th or 5th book I guess! Just got bored!

Mmm, I've looking for a book by Meg Cabot though, it's called "The Queen of Babble" --> "Meg Babble" reminded me of it hehe

Anyway, couldn't find the book anywhere, not here, or in the US or India!

Maryam said...

^ Yeah, boredom was actually a part of it but I had to get going.

I've read The Queen of Babble, both the two parts (#2 is called 'The Queen Of Babble in the Big City) and M, believe me when I say, it's not worth it, not at all. And I found it in last year's book fair (through Pioneer's publishing company). That or you could check Borders.

Hope said...

Nah, I think I'm over it :)

I read a book about 2 years ago, really liked it. Maybe you should give it a go. Its called "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin (not sure of the spelling of her name =P )

Maryam said...

^^ I'll look for it, thanks.

LA ❤ said...

I've stopped reading it at book 5 I think. Found better things to read =P

Reading the ending here, am glad I did!