Zee Fairy Trip

As mentioned in a previous post, BOMU arranged a ferry trip on Tuesday, March 16th for the participant of the 1st Muscat Youth Summit.

Being the punctual type we are, our team arrived before an hour to the meeting point (National Ferries Company) in Muscat so we had to ask if we could wait at the waiting hall. 30 minutes later, the organizers of the event arrived and after a good number of students filled the place, we headed to the ferry.

For it being my first time, I was fantasized by the size of the ferry and how organized it was. At first, I was overwhelmed by the illusion of being seasick but soon though, I realized it was just my wild imagination playing tricks on me so I roamed around the ferry, enjoying the awesome view outside.

Finally, we were allowed to get up to the roof where helicopters usually lands on and lined up for a group picture:

All in all, I had an enjoyable time with friends and an amazing trip and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Photos credit: The above pictures were taken off of Facebook group as my camera went blank and the pictures I took are gone.


Lonely said...

Looks like so much fun =D

Something I'd like to experience myself some day!

Kitten said...

Totally. You'll have so much fun and don't worry about the sea-sickness thingy.