Enlightening Experience

[First off, I had to write this in a hurry seeing as how I'm away from home at the moment, and yes, this post lacks of photos. I'll upload them once I get the chance to]

The 7th was the first day of the 1st Muscat Youth Summit. Students were separated into three different groups depending on their ages as soon as they reached AlNahda Resort and Spa:

• Red group (Age 14-16)
• Yellow group (Age 17-19)
• Orange group (Age 20-21)

* Day one’s theme was about Sustainability and Climate Change, divided into three sessions: CO2 Management, Energy Security & Diversity and Energy Efficiency, presented by Asim Gusbi, Qais Al-Zakwani and Ahmed Al-Jahdami.

After the three sessions, we had a panel discussion where each student from different schools gets to go on stage and become a panelist. The idea was meant for the participants to share the most important points mentioned at the previous 3 sessions and to note how they’re all linked together under the topic Energy in a presentation form.

Before dinner, Ibraim Al-Busaidi, an Omani Photographer, presented a presentation about Photography.

** Day two’s theme was about Creative Oman, divided into four sessions: A Tradition of Innovation, Exploring Innovation, iGeneration and Creativity Now! Presented by Hany Bayaa, Nourhan Beyrouti, Russell Barczyk, Jamal Al-Asimi.

Personally, the second day’s sessions and workshops interested me the most. I enjoyed the Creativity Now and Exploring Innovation sessions, and iGeneration workshop at the afternoon.

Day 2’s surprise guest: Ahmed AlHarthy, an Omani racer.

After dinner, one of the organizers arranged a last-night-celebration dancing party that included participants dancing and enjoying their last night at the lawn.

*** Day 3’s theme was about City Living, divided into four sessions: Urban Transition in a Global Perspective, Developing Products for Oman’s Tourism Industry, A Passion for Plants, Carbon Critical Design presented by Nikolaus Knebal, Dana Sarhan, Dareen Mehdi, and Richard Smith.

Whereas the day’s workshops were arranged as field trips to different areas depending on the topics students chose earlier. I went to Oman Botanic Garden at AlKoudh for Sustainable Oman - Future Thinking. Dareen Mehdi, Sarah and Craig were the presenters.

We went along with Mr. Craig who introduced the under-construction heritage center and explained that the aim of this project is to keep the environment safe and clean for the plants.

Ms. Sarah showed us the whole project’s sample and asked for our ideas in order to attract people of our age as the Oman youth represents 50% of the Omani population. The participants came up with interesting ideas and Ms. Sarah showed interest in listening to each and every one of them and note down the suggestions for later consideration with the whole team.

Visiting the nursery with Ms. Dareen was fascinating. We got to actually see the plants kept in special nurseries and conditions. The plants were all Omani in origin.

The trip ended and we went back to AlNahda Resort and Spa to meet up with the rest of the participants and have a final closing session with the organizers, supervisors and H H Faisal bin Turki al Said, chief executive officer of Brand Oman Management Unit.

To conclude this, it was one of those unforgettable events. I’m sure each and every one of the participants enjoyed their time to the max and most importantly, benefited from the experienced and educated speakers. Not to forget the amazing accommodation and treatment given by the organizers and supervisors. It was all about having fun, voicing opinions and learning in the same process.


Anonymous said...

I heard that it was a lot of fun. Hmm, I wish I were there with you.

Nadia said...

I heard it was a great summit. What do you think they could improve for next year?