Her Fairytale [3]

Am I really that bored to have posted 3 posts in 3 days? Hell, yes. Since I’m very techno-challenged, it took me almost ages to figure out how to edit the template’s HTML in order to change/delete the already existing pages.

Thanks to Deluxe templates, I have this Natural Gloom look even though it doesn’t exactly fit my blog, for some odd reason. (Don’t tell me otherwise). Also, I added the About Me page.

Another thing I’ve been ignoring for a while now is my draft chapters [For the story, Her Fairytale] which I posted earlier. (Chapters: 1, 2, 3) I got stuck at chapter 3 as it just got boring, literally. That or I simply lost interest in it. Here’s the whole-updated chapter.

Chapter 3
Her thoughts went back to when she was a kid of 9, when she looked up on him and admired his achievements. Watching him working used to amuse her. Every word he used to utter were words of wisdom according to Linda, and she made sure to follow his footsteps; become an important person in the society without having to lose your ethics and values, most importantly, not to forget those who love you. Looking back at these pleasant memories, Linda dreaded her haunting past.

Two hours passed by, while Linda’s smiling and grinning on her dad’s silly jokes and comments made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t want to believe everything would be the same, because she knows for a fact that it won’t.

At exactly 3:00 PM, she wondered if she could stop the loud tick...tocks of the gigantic clock on the living room’s wall. It was so loud that for a second, Linda could have sworn she’d just heard her own heartbeats.

She’d always thought that after graduation, her life would get settled. As by then, she would have gotten into a scholarship and left her family’s problems behind. But things never went well while she was at school either. She needed an inspiration, a motive to aim for the best, and unfortunately, there was none available at the time. Now, she has to take care of her siblings, and her own mom to being with. The thing about the whole divorce situation Linda wasn’t so sure about was the reaction of her mom. Will she be able to handle it, alone? Will she ever return to her old self again? Will her family ever be that same one like it used to be once upon a time? Linda couldn’t bring herself to answer the questions which kept her insomniac for long nights. No matter how hard she tried, she was perfectly aware of her soon-to-come failure.

All day long, Linda tried getting herself busy, both physically and mentally, afraid of the thoughts that’ll make their way through her mind again.
Now, I know that my promise was a very long chapter, but what can I say? I’m a lazyass, and excuse me for that. Oh, and I called the story Her Fairytale. Thanks for those who voted and others who wasted their time on reading and commenting.


FAITH said...

Well done Kitten! I'm in love with the way you right. I said it before and am saying it again, I can a VERY bright future waiting for you dear.

Keep it up and waiting for the coming chapter :)

Kitten said...

Thank you for passing by, Faith. It means a lot coming from you.