A Draft [ 2]

[This is a quick update of what I've scribbled down. Remember: those are not the final drafts] Have a fun read!

Chapter – 2

She approached the mirror, admiring her own beauty and thinking of the impressions her appearance might give out about her. She was happy, filled with life, and the dimpled shy smile always drew its way across her face. She knew this. Knew it perfectly well, that her fake act will wear off anytime soon. One day she’ll finally give up faking and pretending she was fine. Though deep down inside, she realized the silly fairytale she’s trying to get herself drowned into.

Shutting the door behind her with a thump, Linda felt the sunrays burning hot on her skin and hurried into her old car. The engine roared back to life, making her curse under her breath. She hated it; having to do what she absolutely despised with a passion and was extremely scared from; driving.

Linda parked at the gates of her dad’s luxurious house, and checked her reflection once again, making sure that the eyeliner didn’t wear off. She stepped out, gazing at the huge house which every corner was a reminder of how it’d be like if she were to be living in it.

She knocked the door twice, and Susan’s smiling face appeared on the doorstep. Susan was her dad’s old housemaid, who usually greeted and welcomed her in. Linda entered Jamie and Anne’s room when they were playing their favourite video game on the LCD plasma screen. They both screamed together ‘Lindaaaaaa’ and fought their way to hug their eldest sister. She looked down on her siblings’ angelic faces, grateful about how little they knew on what’s yet to come. She wondered if they too, would hate, or rather dislike coming her.

They sat back down and enjoyed their time, while Linda counted the hours, minutes and seconds left to finally leave this place. When the door opened with a crack, her dad entered with the fakest smile Linda had ever seen drawn across his face.
Chapter- 3


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Can't wait for part 3 ^^

Maryam said...

I know I will. Thanks for reading.

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I'm impressed. Loving your style so far.

Maryam said...

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