[Poll] Which one to go for?

Labeling the posts with ‘draft’ irritates me, I think it’s about time for the story to have a name, I’m sure you guys think so too. So, how about a poll to decide which one should to go for? I’ve narrowed down my options to the following three:

- Her Fairytale.
- The Other Angle.
- Through Her Eyes.
- Other ~ Specifiy.

Let me know what you think, and if you have other options, I’m more than happy to have them into consideration.


G-chan said...

Through her eyes fits perfectly.

Nabsj said...

Isn't it too early to name the story?
Till now, I have no idea what's the story about, so maybe I should wait for the 3rd part. Sorry!

Rummy said...

Her Fairytale sounds more like it :D

Kitten said...

Gchan, thanks.

Nabsj, the poll will be up for a week; you can cast your vote later with the help of the coming parts.

Rummy, I voted for the same thing ;)

Rummy said...

Now aren't we really twins =D

Anonymous said...

The Other Angel