Random Snaps

I haven’t updated this place for a week now and it feels like ages. It’s time for a new post even though I have nothing to write about except that I haven’t been getting some peace of mind because of the overload school work. Still, I have managed to spare me a few minutes of sneaking out in the afternoon and taking some snaps, plus, editing them, for the first time.

I shall leave you to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

you have a good future in photography girl!

keep it up

what cam you using and what did u use for editing? PS?

Kitten said...

Thank you. I'm using ViviCam5355.
I'm not a pro in editing, so I'm merely using 'Picnick' editing tools.

+ Do I, by any chance, know who you are?

Anonymous said...

never heard of the cam nor your editing tools but seems working fine

and no. I Dont believe i know you.

i just read blogs and surf the net alot :)

Dark Star said...

Beautiful snaps you got there kitten! Please don't stop sharing.

Kitten said...

Anonymous: Oh well. Insisting on staying 'Anonymous' now, are you?
Here's Picnik's URL: www.picnik.com Better than Photobucket, in my opinion.

Darkie: I won't, thanks.