‘Jump’ They Said

Jump’ they said to him. He thought ‘what the heck? I can jump and I’ll just show them how much I can’. He stood up and jumped as high as he could but when he landed on the seat, the whole bus practically vibrated. They laughed their heads off, and I did too, merely for the fact that the boy hadn’t had a single idea on why we’re doing so considering his young age. Yes, you’ve guessed right. He’s an over-weight child and his friends were making fun of his body-shape.

Parents are the one to blame here, I believe. Generally, individuals are responsible for their own behaviours, but this is an innocent child who’s barely 7 years of age and who happened to gain all of this weight; Chips, macaronis, and other loads of junk food being sent along with him…to school! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing fingers on this kid because I’m sure there are others with the same situation out there.

Here’s a wake up call, parents. Just because you’re filthy rich doesn’t mean you should kill your kids. And that brings us back to the role of education.

Education, people. Education.


Zaytoon Wo Za3tar said...

Totally agree!
Sports/movement should be part of a kids life so to burn up all the unwanted things.

Kids at the age when they're chubby are so adorable...they have pinch-able cheeks =P

Anonymous said...

Poor kid =(, 7 years old and already being picked at..

But you're right..kids specially shouldnt be obese..it's the age where they mostly run around and play and contribute in all kinds of sports in school. *Sigh*

Maryam said...

Gchan: Lol @ you ;p

Wolfie: Tell me about it. Parents should be aware of this already.

Nadia said...

Totally agree.

TV vs. Sports or Games
Healthy pasta vs. macaroni and cheese
Whole wheat sandwich vs. hamburger
healthy snack vs. chocolate bar
fruit vs. cookies

Education, people, education!!!

IHMD said...

I can't agree more. It is surprising that many young Omani parents are feeding their childern junk food and and anything but healthy food. Chocloate bars, Candy and other sweets shouldn't be in the daily diet of the children.

Maryam said...

Nadia: That's what I'm talking about. Thank you for stopping by.

IHMD: But, who's listening? Yep, no one.

Anonymous said...

my daughter(6yrs old) gets to eat all the junk she wants on friday afternoon. how much ever she wants. rest of the week,only natural food.
i believe that healthy lifestyle starts at home and when u r young.the only thing i cant advice her about is exercise(am one of them who just cant exercise coz it makes me feel pukish)