Her Fairytale [3]

I’ve been busy with school work lately but I’ve got to achieve this amount of writing, only. Where/when, if you may ask? At the school’s bus. Yes, I’m dead serious. This is just a glimpse of the third chapter as I’m planning for a long one this time. Wait for ‘da real bomb’.

Chapter- 1
Chapter- 2

Chapter- 3
Her thoughts went back to when she was a kid of 9, when she looked up on him and admired his achievements. Watching him working used to amuse her. Every word he used to utter were words of wisdom according to Linda, and she made sure to follow his footsteps; become an important person in the society without having to lose your ethics and values, most importantly, not to forget those who love you.

Two hours passed by, and Linda’s smiling and grinning on her dad’s silly jokes and comments made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t want to believe everything would be the same, because she knows for a fact that it won’t.

At exactly 3:00 PM, she wondered if she could stop the loud tick...tocks of the gigantic clock on the living room’s wall. It was so loud that for a second, Linda could have sworn she’d just heard her own heartbeats.

[To be continued..]

Another thing: Am I babbling a lot? Adding loads of unnecessarily details? If yes, do not hesitate and tell me right away.

Current updates,
Working on: Completing chapter 3.
Reading: ‘Cell’ by Stephen King.
Studying: For Bio’s assessment: Respiration, excretion, homeostasis, Human body; Liver and Kidney.


Zaytoon Wo Za3tar said...

I think it's the details that make the story interesting. So keep going!

It seems like you've got your hands full ^^

TripleTee said...

kitten... is that a story you're making up or an assignment?

TripleTee said...

This opinion is long but you might find it useful.

It all depends on the reader and of course the one writing. It's nice when you describe her feelings and to many for some reason details give books better quality as g-chan said up there. I have a somewhat different opinion. But then again my style of writing is meant for pleasure and entertainment. I would not like to tell you which is better since what makes you unique is developing your own style. Also think of your audience... who do you want to read it? Everyone? Or people of a specific age?

My opinion as a reader is to not spend too much time describing one feeling. That's just one reader's opinion though. The rest might think differently. And since so many opinions differ you won't be able to please all, therefore the best advice I could give you is... write what you want to write as the story you want to tell. Write also according to how you want the readers to react. And pretend to be a reader yourself while writing it. That's one of my techniques. If it works for you as well try it out.

Then again my writing style differs completely from yours. You did inspire me to post a sample of it on my blog. I will give that a thought.

You are so far doing well... I like the mystery of why things have changed. Keep writing.

Maryam said...

A story I'm making up. School doesn't encourage any creative writing without it being on the syllabus.

That wan an informative post, 3T. I'm really glad you've stopped by. And as you may have noticed already, I'm still a beginner.

visitor said...
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