My Three Obsessions

I was extremely bored at Chemistry’s lesson today as I've dropped it recently, and thought of writing something. Thus, this post. I tried listing down my obsessions and as it seems I could only name a few.

1. Reading.
Ever since I was a child, I used to pick up every book my eyes set on, and I’d start to read it at that exact moment, people often made fun of this habit, but I really couldn’t care less.

Sometimes, reading soothes me in a way, the exact effect that music does to others. I can’t recall a single day in which I’ve been empty handed (be it waiting in a car, bus, saloon, etc) I’d make sure to carry a novel along, that or a notepad.

If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write’ - Stephen King.
2. Writing.
This obsession and the one above are linked, of course, and I could’ve mentioned them as one, but I didn’t. Writing was and always will be my passion (ignore the cheesiness, and bear with me for a while). I think I’ve inherited this from my Dad since he’s a journalist and his career is my first inspiration (Wait for the actual explanatory post)

3. Drinking Canada Dry.
For a while, my favourite drink was (Omani’s most common and beloved drink) Mountain Dew, after realizing this fact, the boredom of drinking the same thing zillions of times rose into me thus Canada Dry. (Cream Soda, to be exact) I’ve had this really weird obsession about it since the very first time I drank it.


Nadia said...

Ummm.... Kitten... I share the exact same obsessions in the exact order. However, due to the lack of Canada Dry in Salalah, I'm addicted to coffee.


Ok, back to being polite again. I love your blog. I love your obsessions. Keep writing.

Maryam said...

No worries, I get that a lot, the 'asking about where the hell do I get Canada Dry from' part. And my answer is: BABU!

Yes, the infamous Babu sells it, though sometimes he's just a disappointment. Other than those times, he's the ultimate Canada Dry supplier for everyone who asks me about it, if you were here, I'd have ship them to you.

Thank you, Nadia, I'm flattered.

Nadia said...

Babu doesn't help!!!! Babu is not a location!!!

Maryam said...

Fine, I get it from the near supermarket. And I just happened to know that Carrefour sell it, too.

Azza Al Wahaibi said...

Keep doing what your doing Kitten. I always admire your way of writing.

Maryam said...

Thank you.

Moi said...

Hey, I also share the same obsessions! Except the third one, I'm not a canada dry addict, although I do like it, I've gone years without it...
You remind me, I used to read so much that my parents told me off for it. Even amongst a crowd, I'd be in a corner somewhere reading... I had to hide in the end, and even read in the dark at times! Up until recently I was when I was in Uni, I'd stay clear of novels during exams - my weakness lol.

Keep it up mittens :)