Hypocrisy Or Ignorance?

According to our school, or to most of Omanis, the paranoia of using a daily sanitizer and the other health applications were restricted in the few first weeks of the conspiracy that is H1N1.

To know about all the applications they used to be crazed about, read my previous post in the month of September.

After exactly a week since school started, they no longer apply hand sanitizer on the students’ palms like they used to, there’s no mopping-the-tables-regularly routine, nor ‘the applying essence’ part (Luban, to be exact) to kill bacteria’s in the air, and most of all, they now allow us to go on breaks and even form a group in the corridors.

If this isn’t called hypocrisy, then I don’t what is. That or the ignorant mentality we simply seem to notice. I even got the guts and asked a teacher at school, and it went something like this,

Kitty: Umm, so, there’s no risk of catching the Swine Flu, is there?
Teacher: Why would you say such thing?
Kitty: Hmm, I don’t know, maybe because things changed and they no longer apply the daily routines they used to on the first days of school?

Oh-uh, she’d said that after spreading awareness, their job was over. But excuse me when I say, you were just pleasing and shutting up parent’s big mouths by being over-protective about the whole thing just to give the impression you so much wanted to give.

Is it just me, or the same thing applies to all Omanis out here? Prove me wrong if you can, but I still think it’s all because of our mentality and ignorance.


Nabsj said...

It's still the same in my school from the first day, el7amdilah.

TripleTee said...

they actually prevented breaks???

That's pointless... if there's a person infected with h1n1 and s/he's in a classroom she'll effect the students in that classroom anyway.
It would make more sense to check up students in school rather than all the hygiene nuisance they're spreading around.

If they're that scared that is. I personally think ppl are making a big deal out of this flu in the first place.

BintSQU said...

Lol So true.. The luban part

Kitten said...

Nabsj: Good to hear.

3t: It's common sense that they lack of.

Bint SQU: I know, right?