Back to the drama!

Ditched school from the first day, fortunately, I got the whole scoop from a friend of mine telling me I've been assigned to do the 'extended' level, the first thing I said was 'what's the difference..?'. Apparently, the 'extended' is more detailed than the 'core', or that's what I've came to understand.

Swine Flu ain't a joke to the peeps at school, a hand sanitizer would be applied on your hands at the gate, later on, desks would get moped up with special kind of dettol or something similar, then comes the Doc who checks your temperature, last but not the least, they'll apply essence (bu5oor) all around the classes. Exaggerating now, are we?

Other than that, new teachers would be teaching us this year. Kenians & Indians, mostly. Oh well, another year to get through.


Blue Spirit said...

Haha :P, good luck, Kitten!!! =D

Pixie said...

Waboooy! The swine flu thing's gotten pretty intense ><

Lil Me said...

All the best with the new year ;)

~ Pizz

G-chan said...

Aah...what's with crazy routine?
Man people shouldn't make it a big deal. They should just be careful and take measures without over exaggerating. Getting all worked when the normal influenza kills more =\

Take it easy!
Hope it'll be an awesome year for you ^^

Kitten said...

Thank you guys.

Pizz, good to see you!

Moi said...

Oh that's good information. I wonder if they'd do the same at schools here. I'll just have to wait and see. And congrats for the blog and the new school year! Enjoy it

Moi said...

Btw the extended is meant to be harder. There are 2 more papers to sit. Core means the highest mark you can get is a C. (if you're talking about IGCSE that is)
Ah it all seems so long ago.

Kitten said...

It's IGCSE I'm talking about, thanks for stopping by, Cherry!