When's Eid?

Whenever my younger siblings used to ask me during Ramadhan ‘Kitten, mitta el3eed?’, I used to answer ‘Youm elethnain, 8oolo amen into bs’, and somehow, it turned out to be ture, that tomorrow, Monday, is the first day of Eid, and the first day of the month of Shawal.

Thanks to my mom, half of the things were all set before Ramadhan, I still needed to go to the saloon, and its where I spent most of yesterday. I regret forgetting my book at the car (The Kite Runner, to be exact). Hours passed by till my sister and I took our turn.

We came home pretty late last night, but I’m glad we were done before the night of Eid, since I had loads to do. One of the things I need to re-check is recharging the Camera, on second thought; I still haven’t bought a new card memory. Oh well, other than this, all was well.

Kel 3am wo intu b5air wo 3asakum min el3aydeen, inshallah. (Eid Mubarak)

P.s I want Eideiyah in return ;)


Nabsj said...

Kil 3am oo inti b5air Kitten =)

Kitten said...

Wo inti b5air, thanks, Nabsj.