My Article On Muscat Daily

While I was going through Muscat Daily on Monday, I found the ad about ‘Citizen Journalism’ and thought ‘why not?’ I then submitted my article based on the post: ‘Jump’, They Said via E-mail. Later that day, I got the acceptance letter.

And yesterday, Wednesday, Oct 28th, it got published on Muscat Daily:


Anonymous said...

way to go girl :)

you have great potentials. perhaps this is a good boost for you to keep it up and try to polish your skills.

i think i will enjoy reading it again in the newspaper

congratulations for the first step into journalism

Muscat Holidays said...

wow thats so amazing - lets hope we get a few more

Azza Al Wahaibi said...

Wow, mashallah 3alish Kitten. Congrats!! Keep it up. =D

Maryam said...

Anonymous: Thank you for always stopping by ;)

Muscat Holidays: Inshallah.

Darkie: Allah yebarek feesh.

Nabaa Baqir said...

Congratulations Kitten, Inshallah nshoof more of your writings in the newspaper =]

Moi said...

Congraaaaaaaaaaats luv!!! :D

Susan said...

Hey Kitten, CONGRATS! I didn't see the comment until AFTER the newspaper was published and all copies disappeared from Salalah! Could you email the scanned article to me? I'm collecting articles written by young Omanis in English. They'll be useful for journalism/communication classes in Oman now and in the future.

KUDOS To you!!!

Zaytoon Wo Za3tar said...

Congrats. That's pretty awesome!

*thumbs up*

Maryam said...

Thank you everyone.

Will do, Susan.

Castelluca said...

That's wonderful! Congrats Kitten! =D

I wanna publish stuff too! xD