Borders – The New Dating Area

Borders is known about how over crowded it is. The majority that occupies the only small decent bookshop we have now are those who are waiting for their GF/BF’s.

On the third day of Eid, the security guy didn’t allow ‘guys’ to enter, they were wondering why and asking lots of questions when he replied ‘min kether balawikom[Because of your problems], they’d said ‘ay balawi?[which ones?] smirking around and were told off. You could have counted the people who were reading and searching around for knowledge.

Thursday night, it was as crowded as ever.
Where in the world was the security dude? I couldn't help but wonder.

Ever noticed this phenomenon? Whom do you think should be blamed?


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all.
To be honest, all the good and civil places are being taken over by the teenagers and there has to be havoc.

If you look at Masa Mall, the bowling area. It was nice at the beginning until all the teens went there for some who fill the place with people to "stare" at people and some just take their "gang" and make the place really crwoded for no reason.

Teens in Oman are just looking for attention really. They want people to see how "evil" they are and want to be feared.

Kitten said...

One of the many reasons I avoid such places.