The National Day

We didn’t exactly have a proper celebration at school for obvious reasons; avoiding crowded situations so as to limit the wide spread of Swine Flu and instead, we were given a chance to celebrate at our own classes by wearing whatever it is that we want of Omani traditional dresses.

The students wore a mixture of colours on the 18th and everyone looked rather happy and cheery on a school day not to mention, looking forward for the weekends, but that’s beside the point. I used to wear Abaya on the past National Day celebrations but wasn’t in the mood to this year and so I wore my uniform and was surprised to be the only one who did.

After having finished our exam at the first three lessons, my classmates rushed down to the first floor to watch Kindergarten’s celebration and the view from the third floor satisfied me.

Then we started having our own so called ‘celebration’. I would have ditched school if it weren’t for the exam’s sake but I have to admit about enjoying the music and this, of course:

Later that evening my little sister urged me to tag along to her own school celebration, I only agreed to go to watch the little kids in dresses who were utterly adorable.


Hopeless Poet said...

Happy national day :D