Assessment’s week

This week’s been all about assessments, hell load of school work and house chores.

This week’s assessments,
Saturday: Bio.
Monday: Math.
Tuesday: English.

I did fine in Bio and English, but I’ve missed some marks in Math’s. No harm done though, I still have a second chance on next week’s.

Next week’s assessments,
Sunday: Islamic, Arabic & Math.
Tuesday: Physics.
Wednesday: Bio.

And supposedly Chemistry on Saturday but I finally got the confirmation letter about dropping it once and for all. If you were wondering about the teacher’s response, well, let’s just say she’s taking it so hard,

Chemistry’s teacher: kitten, so you’ll drop it, huh?
Kitty: Yes *a big grin*
Teacher: But you’re capable of…
Kitty: I know, but I don’t like it *flashes a smile*
Teacher: Hmm, is it because of me, then? Errm, what can I do to…?
Kitty: No, it’s not you. It’s just that I don’t like Chemistry. *emphasizing the last word*
Teacher: Okay, but I think you can…
Kitty: I’m planning to study English Literature, and it DOESN’T require Chemistry *planning to run away*
Teacher: Okay…
Kitty: Yeah. *runs away*

See? She thinks this is the end of the world. But it freaking ISN’T!

Enjoy your weekend.


Azza Al Wahaibi said...

Hahaha @ the happened the same thing with me when I dropped Bio.

Good luck with everything Kitten. I'm sure you'll survive. Kick some asses! =p

Maryam said...

Will do.

Thank you, Darkie. The same goes to you as well.

Zaytoon Wo Za3tar said...

loool what a conversation.
Though I have to say, your teacher is quite scary for being so...stuck on you dropping Chemistry. What's that about?

Good luck with your assessments.
That quite a lot of stuff you got there, but I'm sure you'll do fine :D

Maryam said...

I'm surprised as to why she haven't shed tears, yet.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

^Loooool :P

English literature major <3,I've studied English lit as a major for two years (then I switched different unis and majors), it's reallly really interesting, you have to master your writing skills as well ;).

Good luck! ;*

Maryam said...

Wow, I never knew that! I bet it's interesting. Thanks, 2 more years to go for me. Can't wait.