Why Don't We Read?

Based on the article I read yesterday with the title of 'Ma waraa2 3uzoof el3arab 3an el8era2a' (The reasons behind Arabs neglecting reading) [?] on Al Khaleej newspaper, I found out many points and I'd like to hear your own take on this.

Some of the reasons were,

Political instability; according to what people think and emphasize on, due to lack of trust some Arab government has on its authority, they resort to the policy of obscurantism, in order to stop their own people from reading and enlightenment.

Other than this, the rest of the article talked about poverty being the main reason.

Do you agree/disagree, and what, in your opinion, are the reasons why we, Arabs, don’t have that habit of reading?


Anonymous said...

Yes I've believed in that. And I'll still believe in it. This is the only way to control peoples. We don't read so it's easily to be tricked, and this is what some countries want Arabs to be.

America's current educational systems are a disaster in compared to them in the past. The politicians there realized the side effects of being educated when they saw the huge constant demonstrations against the war in Vietnam. So the best way to solve that is to make a less educated people with a less critical minds which would believe everything said to them.

Just read Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. Try to understand the ideas conveyed in that novel and you'll understand this fact.

Nadia said...

Do you have a copy of the article you read yesterday? Can I find it online? It's so frustrating that Arabs don't read. They're missing out on so much. I can't imagine my life without books, but when I tell my friends, they just laugh at me. Why? Why? Why? What do you think the reasons are, Miss Kitten? Surely you have your own theory?

I found this article when I typed in 'Why Omanis don't read' into google. Interesting. She's from Dhofar too.


Unknown said...

For me, I just hate sitting in one place and read...read...read...

I prefer moving, going out, socializing and learning from people than books. I used to read a bit but then hated it because of how much pressure I got into when I got into school... All I would hear is "study!" which basically is reading, understanding and memorizing.

I got fed up from it so... no reading for me. =)

However, I do read, rarely, from time to time now.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately as Arabs, we were not brought up with strong emphasis on reading so it never was a priority. We're used to getting things done for us the easy way, without requiring too much effort, and reading does require some effort, patience and genuine passion for knowledge!

As kids, most Arabs were never read to before going to bed. It's at that age parents should plant those crucial seeds in their kids, when personalities are still in the process of making. But I believe it all comes down to laziness and ignorance... I dont know when, but Arabs at some point in history, became ridiculously lazy, when once upon a time, them and knowledge were synonyms.

Great post.

Maryam said...

Princess: I'd defiantly get my hands on that novel once I find it. Thank you.

Nadia: Unfortunately, I don't. I might get it scanned if I had the time to, but I can't make any promises.

The same thing happens with me too. My friends make fun of my reading habit. I can't imagine my life without books, either. I asked others opinions and the most common reason mentioned was laziness. From the way I see it, if we got used to reading ever since we were kids, I don't think it would actually be much of a hassle now. It becomes a habit once you practice it frequently. Our great, great parents weren't readers, and one would say 'why would I be one myself?' It's a matter of being used to a certain thing which then will be so easy and effortless.

I’m a follower of Susan’s blog. She writes interesting articles on Muscat Daily.

Squinty: At least, you do read, which is a bonus, all you got to do is staying on the same path and increasing the amount of reading you get to do.

Alma Your comment was simply my mind out loud and I couldn’t have said it any better, though I disagree about the laziness part. [Read my reply to Nadia]

Salima Al Masrouri said...

Arabs are too lazy to read. Simple as that!

I think we should start a new reading revolution in Oman.

Great blog entry dear Kitten. :)