One Religion?

While watching Saturday’s episode of Dare to Ask on Peace TV, presented by Dr.Zakir Naik, one of the audience asked a similar question to this,

Why isn’t there a one religion? Clearly, Islam is the religion we’re all supposed to follow, so as to stop the conflicts and confusions, why hasn’t there been one religion delivered by the different messengers of God?
His answer revolved around the same point, which was none other than (as far as I understood): God sent the messengers –Peace Be Upon Them- to spread out the exact same message of believing in one God, or in other words, proving His existence.

Anyone else has a better explanation? Since the one I got is incomplete.


lydllelemon said...

That was an interesting commnent.

I believe that all the religions origionally came from one belief. As in a long long long time ago there WAS one God that was the true God that everyone knew about but over time people argued and disagreed (it's human nature).
So that origional belief has split so much and those splits are now so far appart that they are now considered different religions. And then from that different people believe what they think is the origional one =)
hope it's not too complicated =P

Zaheer said...


What you understood is basically everything. The basic message of every message was to believe in one and only one GOD, the CREATOR and everyone of them emphasized that. "Religion" is not a compulsion to bear a label of, the most important thing is to believe in one GOD(Allah) worship him alone only and believe in the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).It is man who created religions and sects for his convenience as Allama Isbal said - IN TAAZA KHUDAAON MEIN BADA SABSE WATAN HAI, PAIRHAN JO ISKA WO MAZHAB KA KAFAN HAI. The word "ISLAM" means submitting your will to GOD, so the one who submits his will to GOD is a muslim. Similarly when a child is born in any religion, he is born as a muslim, but due to the culture and religion of his parents or guardians he diverts away from ISLAM, so if someone accepts ISLAM or submits his will to GOD, he is called a REVERT not a Convert.

Degoat said...

In my own philosophical way, I think have one united religion is impossible because unfortunately we humans have the power to think. Now because we are brought up in different races and backgrounds, this impacts the way we make our decisions in different ways. Adding politics and the bad habits humans have (selfishness), following one religion would be something ppl never would agree upon.

Heck not even us Muslims can follow a common law and that’s why we have sunni, shea’a and abadhi. We have grown accustomed to the group we follow and their law suits us well because they were built in us since we were young. Anything else would lead to us changing our beliefs and behaviour and we all know how defensive we are when we are asked to change old habits. In order to defend our habits some of us even dig deeper into that accustomed religion and come up with newer beliefs/laws (whatever you’d like to call it). These laws are amended with time to suit the current generation and then it’s broadcasted to set control measurements in your clans system.

This is how I interpret the situation to be in all other religions too..


IHMD said...

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