2009 Highlights

To me, this year was filled with happiness, joy, sadness, grief, success and failure. The above were the main highlights of the year. Also, it was about reading, reading and then again, reading. I’ve read lots of books that I stopped counting. Books that are on top of my head that I enjoyed reading the most are,

Thanks to those who believed in me, and most importantly, myself, I was able to break my meaningless habit of procrastinating (not fully, of course) and to that, I’m grateful. I got to achieve most of my last year’s resolutions, and some of which I’d work hard on achieving.

One thing I learned this year, ‘As long as you put your heart and mind into what you believe in, you’ll eventually reach there’

With the spirit of a new year, I, for the first time, chose a new layout with colours instead of the same old, same old black/grey. Sometimes, even I could go with the flow, and decide to adjust with the 'change'. [I still got to work on it, though]

May God accept all your good deeds, and happy new near.


Unknown said...

Allah yer7am your grandpa & second cousin hun.
Happy New Year mittens. I'm sure that there's plenty of fun, happy and memorable times instor for you this year. Love the new layout btw <3.

Nadia said...

Happy New Year! Great post and great new layout. I'm sorry about your grandfather and cousin. I lost mine too this year. But I'm sure they're in a better place.

Keep reading and keep writing and we shall keep following :)

Salima Al Masrouri said...

Happy New Year dear Kitten..

And yes, I believe in you and like I told you the other day; a great future is waiting for you :)

May this new year brings you happiness and peace, and the strength and courage to follow your dreams =D

Maryam said...

Thank you girlies.