Planning Techniques?

Here’s the thing, when I start working on a story or something similar, an idea pops up in my mind. Minutes later, I’d find myself scribbling it down like a lunatic. It’s like a sudden urge comes out of nowhere and forces me to write, even though it was the last thing I had in mind.

After this crazy 30 to 45 minutes of being absent-minded completely on what the hell is wrong with me, I stop. Just like that, As though my mission is finally over. That much is understandable. Later, when I want to complete what I started, I just feel…blank. I would have no idea about the letter of the next word. And that is why I stop in the middle of things; because, at the time, I feel totally clueless and ironically stupid.

My question here is, once an idea comes to my wacko mind, should I scribble it down as points only, then sit down and arrange the whole story line and its plots? Or write the whole thing from the beginning?
Is it okay for a writer to be clueless on what the next chapter is all about?

Enlighten me, fellow readers.


Anonymous said...

I applaud you, dear Kitten, for taking that initial step of scribbling down your thoughts when something inside pushes you to do so. I get most of my ideas when its almost impossible for me -at that time- to jot them down (e.g. when I shower or drive)and as soon as I get access to pen and paper, I end up staring at the blank page, as if all those thoughts somehow had evaporated from my mind.

Well personally, I think you should give the alternative approach a shot and see how you go about it, maybe it will work out better for you. I believe it'll be easier to create a general plot or a storyline, which you can always get back to and fill with details. Don't worry about what each chapter is going to be about exactly, you'll figure that out as you write.

All the best! Great blog btw! :)

Rei said...

yup totally
I feel exactly the same when I start writing, I usually stop all the sudden losing the whole idea I had in my head
I usually read over what I wrote earlier then walk around the room saying any coversation or plots I get in my head. Yeah talking to myself works pretty well 0.0 or when I hear a song, I write non-stop for hours, gives me new ideas
Dunno if that helps

[x] said...

I usually write down everything in mind, then arrange thoughts, and if I have a blocking moment, I go do something else, like watching News, listen to music, or read history, or anything that excite my brain, or my related topic, if nothing works, then wait a day or two while brainstorming the ideas in my mind while wherever I go and whatever I do. "Daydream!"

IHMD said...

Umm I guess it is ok for a writer to be clueless that's why writers spend so much time in writing one novel. I sometimes think about cool things to write about but then when I start writing, things don't go as smoothly as when I was thinking of them. I wish there were some kind of machine that translates thoughts into writing, now that would make things a hell lot easier lol

Maria said...

Kitten, try putting them in bullet forms and come back to them later. You will be surprised on how creative your mind can be to try linking these points you wrote down.

Let us know how it goes.

Maryam said...

Thank you all for your tips.

Alma: I get most of my ideas when my eyes are halfway to closing shut and I'd jump off to note them down afraid of letting them escape. I'd try that, thank you for passing by.

Rei: Hello, Rei. Personally, listening to music while writing doesn’t suit me. It makes me lose my concentration, but as you said, reading the whole thing helps.

[x]: That sounds almost right, though if any distractions took place, you’d find me jotting down disjointed points which is what I’m trying to avoid by sitting down for once and getting it all down. I daydream a lot, myself. Its one of my many sources of inspiration.

IHMD: The thoughts-translating machine is just too good to be true. In the mean time, I’d use my wacko mind instead.

Maria: It sure works, but it won’t be the same ideas I had before which ruins it.

Hamood said...

The main idea is to get it down, now if you can see the big picture that is great, however if you don't then that is good, cause it means that the possibilities are unlimited!

Outlining the story is a good way to get your ideas organised, though it is very natural to write blindly as well, I consider it more exciting, though could get quite frustrating at times!

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