The Hidden Future

Have you ever thought of how you’re going to be like and where in let’s say...10 years from now on? I know I do think about this every waking moment. I stress on what might lie ahead yet try to focus on the present time.

Sometimes, I just doze off and daydream of the future, of my older version and what I might be doing at that exact moment, I try as hard as I can to feel the moment, sense it so it could at least become a reality, my present, even for a short while.

People find it weird but I still do it. I can’t wait to know how I’d be like in 10 years, what’s my occupation, or if my attitude would change or not. It gets frustrating at times but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Having said that, I plan to lead the same life as now of course with minor changes; not having to wake up early in the morning to attend school, for example, or meet my friends 5 times a week. I am afraid that when I grow a bit old that I might change, or my perspective might change on different things because I obviously like things the way they are.

But then again, I am known for my dislike for change. I’ve tried to convince myself that change doesn’t necessarily mean to be bad, that for once, it can result to the total opposite of my ideas, to the better.

What about you, readers, what’s your perspective of change? Are you afraid of it as much as I am?

And since I've blogged way too much this weekend, I shall leave you all with my favourite song:


Texan in UAE said...

Change can be hard, but it's one of the things we have to do in this life. Example: I've had a lot happen in the last ten years of my life. I became Muslim, moved away from TEXAS to live in Germany and then the biggest move in the world. I moved to UAE with my husband. This isn't just for a little while, this is forever. Insha'a'Allah. I think change can be good. If you wouldn't make a change in your life, you would always wonder.

BTW: David cook sings so well! love that song.

Texan in UAE said...

I figured you would see this here. Sis, why don't you join my all sisters forum? you can know more about me and I would love to know more about you. Insha'a'Allah.

Gimmie your email and I'll tell you more. how I came to Islam.

Kitten said...

Mashallah, you've been through a lot of changes. I guess I should just experience every bit of it to get it.

Yes, David Cook has an amazing voice and he was there yesterday at American Idol. Do you watch it?

I signed up on the forum, and I shall send you my e-mail.

Texan in UAE said...

Hey Kitten! I seen you signed up on my forum, but haven't posted? Please do. I didn't watch American Idol this week nor last. I don't find it to good these last seasons. :| yes, just experience every bit and you'll feel great! it's a awesome feeling.


Kitten said...

^ Will do as soon as I get a chance to.

Lil Me said...

When the change is gradual, it's fine. Sudden change is what I dislike much.

There's nothing wrong with change, as long as it is for the better, that's what I've learned so far.

Heh, the dozing off part imagining in details of being in a certain moment in the future? That is so me ;)