Just Simple tagged me in her post 7 random facts (Thanks), and being the boring type I am, I shall bore you readers as well. So hang on and here we go:

1. I am a high school student, one that believes she’s far different from her shallow and dramatic peers. I know the world of internet is not for me, heck, I know how stupid our age group can be when first getting into it. And as I said, I’m different. I aim to showcase my writings through it (via good ol’ blogger) and be able to debate on local issues at Omani English-speaking forums, besides read a few nice pieces of literature from it. Other than that, I hate MSN and the likes.

2. Writing is my life. Without it, I don’t know how else I would survive. Whatever happens, I note it down. Reason being, I’m a blabbermouth and that, my friends, get on people nerves so I get it all down on paper. Paper and pen are my loyal friends, respect them. Someday, in an awesome time, if I ever get to sign on my first book, I’d dedicated to myself, because honestly, I cannot find a person worthy of it other than me.

3. Buying and reading novels are obsessions of mine that I’ll never grow out of. Unlike girls at my age, I dislike shopping if it didn’t involve books. I was often teased about this fact but to hell for what other thinks.

4. Generally, I’m a reserved kind of person. If I’m quiet, you better stop yourself from asking me if I’m upset or whatnot because YOU’ll be upset if I answered. I keep things to myself and people should know their limits. Only those who I feel comfortable around are allowed to stick their noses in my business.

5. You know how sometimes you start laughing because your lie is no way going to be believed? Well, I’m in that position whenever I try to make up a lie. Yes, I’m a very bad lair. It sometimes bugs me but hey, it’s a good thing.

6. When you ask me about my opinion, I’ll speak up without any shyness in that matter. I’m a straight-forward person as well, and that saves me the hassle of complementing others. It’s either you earn it or not. As simple as that.

7. You ask me what was yesterday’s lunch and I tell you I have no idea. I’m a short term memory holder unless there are significant memories needed to be remembered. During summer, if I was engrossed in writing or reading in a constant pattern, I’d skip my meals.

See? This wasn’t bad at all, right? You got to know lots about me. Its time for me to get to know you guys too; Post 7 random facts about yourselves.

Non-crowed Princess,


Lonely said...

Nice ... :)
Your writings show so much maturity, I would've never thought you were still high school. Allah ye7fa'9ik

Your number 5 reminds me of myself. I'm a super bad liar too.

Maria said...

I reopened my blog just a few hours ago.
This will be interesting I will sure do this.

Knowing a bit about you was a good thing. Such an interesting person. Keep your passion for writing sparkling ;)

G-chan said...

Hehe...interesting things about you!

Squinty said...

I wonder why I was tagged! xD

Now I will have something to write in my blog maybe... Stay tuned on my blog!

just_simple said...

hmm,,i can say that just by having you on twitter, i expected most of those points:) your personality really stands out:)

I have memory issues too..but i think i have early onset alzheimer's cz for me, it dsnt matter if the memory worth being remembered or not, i just forget everything:-S