The Half-Blood Prince

The Book:
The last battle was something else compared to the other events in the beginning of the book. Harry's falling in love with Ginny made it whole lot interesting, but then, I don't think Rowling did them justice.

The Movie:

It wasn't all that. And to be honest, if I hadn't read the book I wouldn't have understood a single thing. The way they made up a whole new scenario of Harry falling in love with Ginny was a disappointment, and yeah, I didn't feel the chemistry between both of them. Overall, Daniel's acting sucked. Big time. Not to mention what he has done to his hair! Emma Watson had a remarkable part in the movie along with Rupert. The movie focused on Malfoy's weird attitude more than the whole story about The Half-Blood Prince's Potions copy. Either ways, Tom Felton never disappoints. He pulled the whole 'nervous & anxious' yet 'cool & calm' attitude just fine. Kudos. As expected, the book is always far better than the movie. 5/10.

Is it just me or Alan Rickman had actually gained loads of weight?


G-chan said...

Haven't watched it...yet!
I've been put of by it since so many people have been saying that it wasn't good at all. Very disappointing. Not worth paying money for it bla bla bla. But will watch it just for the sake that it's a "Harry Potter" movie.

The books are always better than the movies no doubt about it.

Alan Rickman ROOOOCKS!! <3

Kitten said...

You should totally watch it for the sake of it being a 'Harry Potter' movie, plus Tom Felton's & Rick's acting is worth it.

Snape FTW!

cK said...

the harry & ginny chemistry was really bad :/ and focusing on malfoy really ruined what he & voldemort was planning, and yea i also watched for being a *harry potter* movie xD

FAITH said...

I liked the movie...But liked the previous part way more.