Our World Has Been Invaded

Science Fiction For People Who Don't Like Science Fiction

The Host is a separate novel than the Twilight series by the same author, Stephenie Meyer. Within the first 30 chapters, we’re being introduced into a new world where souls invade the planet Earth and enter the human bodies.

Melanie is a strong and devoted human girl who got caught while her fail attempt of running away with her younger brother Jamie, and the man she loved Jared. Later on, Wanderer, the soul who invaded Melanie’s body, finds herself trapped in a love triangle which involve two bodies only, hers and Jared.

And then there’s more to come, once Melanie (the human girl) refuses to fade away, and overcomes Wanderer (the soul).

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shanna ~ said...

Sounds Interesting !!!!

planning to read it =D ?

Kitten said...

It's my review of the book.