[Movie] The Notebook (2004)

It’s been 6 years since this movie was out but I only recently searched for its DVD version in my cousin’s piles of movies. It started out nicely and then, it was full of kissing scenes and I stopped right there. Today, while flipping the channels, Dubai One said it was ‘Next’ and I knew I had to watch.

An old man starts reading a story written on a notebook to a woman in her late years who’s suffering from amnesia...

He tells a story about two young lovers at the age of 17... And the way Noah approaches Ally on their first meeting at the carnival shows the great bond that erupted as soon as their eyes met. Also, Ally’s way of acting so hard-to-get means they’ll end up together eventually.

Then, the relationship goes on a more serious and faster progress with what spending almost every second of the day together. One day, Noah takes Ally to his dream house and farm and gets carried away in talking about his future plans, meanwhile, Ally’s conservative parents call out the police to look for her and things change from there onwards.

Seeing as how Noah was a poor man and Ally comes from a rich and educated family, her mother presses in this idea on the same night, saying that he’s not the right man for her daughter and she shouldn’t be seeing him again. Noah, in the next room, hears this and walks out of the house, with important things to think about.

Ally follows him and a huge fight was the cause of their separation. Before Ally knew it, the next day itself, her family wants to leave home.

Throughout an entire year, Noah keeps writing and sending letters to Ally without getting a single response. After 365 days, Noah decides to stop writing and join in the army. Ally, on the other hand, have gotten into med school and nurses army men when she meets Lon, the guy she agrees to marry.

Noah comes back, and with the help of his father, he buys the house he always wanted to have and starts to build it all over again, giving it the modern and renewed look with the addition of the white balcony he promised Ally to make.

While Ally prepares for her wedding, she sees the paper featuring Noah building his house from scratch and goes back to him and realizes that she can’t run away again and makes a decision…

The old man then stops reading the story and memories come back to the sick woman at the hospital and know that Noah and Ally will live together and that she was, all along, Ally and her doctor was Noah, trying to help her regain her lost memories. It's actually amazing how after all these years, Noah still is at Ally's side.

An incredible story line that simply shows the miracles love can make if only it was as powerful as Noah and Ally’s.

Note: Noah’s character can’t get any dreamier than it already is, that much I can assure you.


Lonely said...

I love this movie <3 One of my favorites
I liked "A Walk to Remember" more tho =)
Dear John, a 3rd movies based on novels by the same author, Nicolas Sparks, wasn't as good but that might be only my opinion =)

Did you watch "Finding Neverland"?

Anonymous said...

I hate Dear John! Heard the Notebook is the best.

Kitten said...

Lonely: A Walk To Remember tops this one, to me too, of course. Finding Neverland? No I haven't.

And no to both of you girls, I haven't watched Dear John so I can't compare

IHMD said...

looks like an intersting heart warming movie. I gotta watch it, not much into the movies of this genre though.

Lonely said...

Well then, I highly recommend "Finding Neverland" =D