China, Here I Come

You're probably wondering; Why CHINA? Well, my mom has a thing for Asian countries. You see, last holiday we went to India and the one before it to Iran, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. So you kind of get the point by now.

We're the type of family that only sets its mind at the last minute so the idea of traveling to China came up a month ago and till date, I might be materialistically ready but defiantly not mentally.

Shopping wise, my mother covered practically the whole clothes side so that's done. The only thing I really worry about is: When the hell am I going to get my books? The girl has to have some light books to tag along. Last time, amazingly, The Harry Potter series provided a good company and I'm planning to have the same this time. Any recommendations?

On the other side, my uncle have been to China on April and gave us stunning reviews about the place. We all had this idea of China's products are not to be trusted, blah, blah, but there's a nice place called Guangzhou;

عرض خريطة بحجم أكبر

And I'm pretty excited about exploring the Chinese lifestyle and tradition, not to mention, their very-hard-to-catch Language. So far, I know that 'nihao' means hello/how are you? and 'xiexie' as thank you but wait till I get hold of a dictionary, I'll be speaking it fluently in no time (yeah, right!)

Another thing we've been warned about is their weird food; fried worms, cockroaches, we'll be taking some caned food with us just in case we get stuck at some point and have no idea what 'normal food' stands for in Chinese.

Till then, I'll resume my shopping & packing. What are your summer plans?


TOREY BETH said...

No ways! Awesome! I'm off to Korea in August! :D

Booth said...

Enjoy it there. You're going to eat a lot of fish and a lot of veggies.

I'm sure you'll have fun!

Squinty said...

I know thank you is pronounced like "shishi" so keep that in mind!

Have fun there and wish you all a safe flight. Will be waiting for the news of the fabled Kitten.

Anonymous said...

u lucky

Kitten said...

Torey: Have fun! And take lots of pictures.
Booth: I will, thanks.
Squinty: Yeah, I've been Google-ing both the translation and pronunciation pages and I already know that 'xie' is pronounced as 'sh', thanks. How about your summer? Are you enjoying your stay in Oman?
Amna: I know, thank you. Welcome to my blog.

Squinty said...

My summer is... tiring. I came to rest but I keep doing lots of work for my immediate family which sometimes is a bother. On top of that, was forced to do an internship. So basically, I am busy 24/7.

I love staying in Oman because of family and the atmosphere it gives. That never changed.