My Style is a cool site that allows you to display your style using infamous brand names of clothes, accessories or any fashionable item. I was bored enough to place each item and show you all how simple my style is;

For a formal outing:

Formal outing

A red empire-waist pleated maxi, black high heels, Chanel's lambskin handbag, single strand peal necklace, pearl dangle earrings, crystal ring and a couple of Twinkle Bow Bobby pins to wrap it all up.

For a girls get-together:

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A blurred floral gradient dress, black jeggings, sonnenbrille sunglasses from H&M, heart-shaped pink earrings from Elle, Sabrina's necklace, stamped patent-leather wallet, crystal-studded flats, Valentino's Rock n' Rose perfume, LV's Luxist watch and a sidekick (because I've always wanted one).


Anonymous said...

Nihao (hi in chinese ;]),

Oh I love Rock n Rose!

I loved the black dress too! Wish I could wear it for some time =p

Have a safe trip to China. Wish I could go with you!

Maryam said...

Thanks, I will. If you could, then 5alah! :)