5 days and I'll be done with teaching for good.
I should be jumping off the wall about it but I'm not. From now on, I realize how boring endless holidays are and if I didn't do anything about it, I'd become as lazy as I always was. We'd throw a party on Wednesday and I don't think I can say goodbye to the kids after one month. Mr. Physics was right, after all: The worst part of teaching is getting personally attached to your students.

9 days to the World Cup finale.
Who's not excited to know who the Winner is? Hope it's either Germany or Argentina!

20 days till we head to China.
I'm not ready at all. Haven't shopped or packed up anything. I guess I'll always be the last-minute kind of person no matter how hard I work into changing that.


IHMD said...

thanks for thw welcome back Kitten :)
Teaching hmmm I gotta read the previous blogs, china too ummm are you going for tourism?

Kitten said...

^ Anytime. Yes, teaching. It was just a first-experience-summer-job kind of thing and I'm partially glad that it's over.

Yep for tourism. Actually, my mom loves Asian countries. Last holiday we went to India and the one before it to Iran, so go figures.

IHMD said...

Good for you.
I love asian countries too, Take lots of pix for us to see where you went :)