World Cup Surprises!

(1) If today's result means anything, it only shows the unpredictability of this World Cup: Brazil losing against Netherlands. (When Italy, France and England were eliminated earlier, I said the only team that's left is Brazil and so I was right).

(2) Tomorrow's game between Germany and Argentina is the most deciding one. What are your guesses? Who'll make it to the finale?

(3) Speaking of World Cup craze, here's what this man's annoyance made him do;

Washington - A Texas man has been charged in the death of his two-year-old step-daughter during a World Cup football match over the weekend, a Texas newspaper reported Tuesday.

The suspect, Hector Castro, 28, reportedly told police that he beat his daughter because she was screaming during Saturday's World Cup match between the United States and Ghana, The Monitor of McAllen, Texas, reported.

He said he had punched his daughter twice in the chest.

According to the police report, Castro shoved a screw down her throat to make the fatality look like an accident. Castro tried to revive her when she stopped breathing.

The autopsy report said the girl had four broken ribs, three of which were several weeks old.
...More like ignorance, if you ask me.

(4) Also, 'Wavin' flag' appeals to me along with Akon's 'Oh Africa' more than Shakira's Waka Waka.


Anonymous said...

thats so terrible :( i cant beleive people be violent to their kids especially to a 2 year old and it was fatal!

my team for world cup is uruguay :P but im hoping for argentina to win tommorow!!

Kitten said...

It didn't. Germany FTW! :P