[Movie] Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

(Yep, those are meatballs falling right from the sky!)

The movie starts out nicely, very typically, I should say: Flint, a geek guy wants to become a famous inventor. He dreams of wearing his white coat right from first grade. Over the years, his inventions failed over and over again, but he kept going.

His mother was the only one who believed him, besides his own self.

His father, on the other hand, wanted Flint to work with him, in running the sardines shop they owned. The town, in the movie, relied on sardines as a food resource alone. Funny glimpses of salmon usage were portrayed at the beginning that even babies were fed on it.

On a public event of opening Baby Brent’s little area, Flint decides to use the town’s power supply. And that’s when it all starts….Suddenly, the machine Flint invented (somehow) sticks somewhere over the clouds and start releasing large amounts of Burgers. (Literally!)

People went crazy and Flint was then engrossed with the media’s attention as this was what he always dreamed of. He then gets requests to deliver this or that type of food three times a day and it was like heaven for the kiddos. (Doughnuts and ice creams! Yummy!)

But then things take a new course when the demand rises, causing the machine to release an even bigger amount of food that corrupted the little town.

Flint, his friend Sam and Brent set together with the aim of removing off the machine once and for all...they set out high and flew over to the machine that was covered with a thick layer of large food.

The movie, which I had fun watching with my friends at class was ridiculously cute and hilarious. Hence the amount of photos I used on this post. I'd give it a 9/10.

Before sitting for this movie, help yourself with pasta or something seriously edible and delicious so that you won't get all sorts of cravings like I did (And in my case, I had to go and search for Dunkin Donuts in 3 different Selects after watching the movie, but I couldn't find any)

Speaking of cravings, I've been craving Canada Dry which used to be and still is my favourite drink but since Babu ran out of it, I am now addicted to 7 Up (Sugar Free)...What's your favourite summer drink?


FAITH said...

I looked for it in the DVD shop I usually go to. Got more excited about watching it after reading your review :)

Kitten said...

Let me know what you think when you find it.