Too Honest

‘Keep things to yourself. If you don’t like something then don’t say it’.

Yesterday’s drama with my friends struck me like a lightening. They all ganged up on me about how straight-forward I am. Why? When did honesty became a crime? Am I not supposed to speak up my mind? Should I hold it in? Do you want me to talk behind your back as it easier for you?

Well, no. I say what I think of you in front of your face. I do not care if you think I am a cold-hearted girl if I did so.

The whole fiasco was about online love. I simply stated the obvious, or rather my thought about the matter. You can’t call a relation with a total stranger ‘love’. What’s up with that? They accused me of generalizing. Excuse me if that’s the truth. Why, is it so hard to accept the fact that this is just a teenage crush…that most of us, teenagers, went through someday?

Again, they also said that just because I haven’t been in love doesn’t mean hers isn’t real. Being in love or not, it’s a no brainer that this doesn’t work in the real world. Especially if he’s a Japanese dude whom you’re planning to marry.

Then, the table turned on my persona and how I use ‘difficult’ English to communicate with them, thinking that they’re all as nerdy as I am. When in fact, there’s no simpler English than mine.

That out my mind, I am counting the days till summer …

Note: Blogging is a good venting machine.


Maria said...

Stay the way you are if they don't like your attitude then to hell with them they can find someone else to sugar coat their words and tell them what they want to hear.

I say your way of thinking is just plain logic and your english is perfectly normal if they think its complicated then its time to read a dictionary and a thesaurus and myabe just spend less time talking to their boyfriend and more time with their books!

Lonely said...

I've had the same problem.
People aren't ready to accept what you say even if its the truth if it goes against them. I mean, even if they tell you they want the truth, they'll still call you rude for honestly answering if your answer wasn't what they expected.

I appreciate honesty, I want to know the truth even if it hurts and I hate nothing more than lying and being lied to.

Just because others are too shallow and engrossed in pleasing each other, doesn't mean you should give up being honest because that is one quality that people should have but not everyone is capable of developing. :)

Bless you

Squinty said...

Welcome to my life. =)

People can't stand my honesty for some reason and I should not talk freely about what I think.

Oh well, I just keep most things in and when I feel like saying what I want I just say it. Why do people expect us to change and lie to make them happy?


MenFreeHeaven said...

i hate to hurt anyone. but if it was a serious discussion it's ok.

Muggle said...

Being friends with someone doesn't mean lying to them just to make them feel better. When you friend is doing something wrong she needs to be told that, and having a 'relationship' with an online Japanese dude is one of those situations in which someone needs to interfere.