[Movie] Shrek Forever After (2010)

This being my first experience in watching films in 3D, I was pretty impressed. I've loved the ugly green ogre's story and have watched the 3 previous parts and it saddens me that the tale came to an end with Shrek Forever After. I can't deny that I had great expectations for this one as it's the ending chapter.

It was, one way or the other, a fantastic journey where Shrek realizes the value of Fiona and his new life after rescuing her from the tower in the first movie. At the beginning of the movie, he did not like how predictable his life became and the fact that no one fears him anymore.

Rumpelstiltskin, on the other hand, fantasizes the non-existence of Shrek and getting the keys to Far Far Away kingdom that he gets the right chance to wow Shrek into signing a life-changing deal….

After this, things go back to how it would be like if he didn’t save Fiona and when people are afraid of him…but that joy stops to an end when he couldn’t have Fiona’s love or his children and friends.

He then sets off to help Fiona, the leader of a group of ogres, and wins her heart back.

The movie’s animation was pretty awesome but had a somewhat weak storyline. It gets a 7/10 from me. You can catch it at Cinema AlShatti or book your tickets online from here.

Also, on one of the scences, a character (Donkey or Puss, I can't exactly remember) sang One Love by Jason Mraz (originally by Bob Marley). I absolutely adore this song so I'll leave you with it..


Anonymous said...

this was the best shrek since the first!!!!!!! and i LOVE your banner!!!

Sparkling Star said...

Nice post!!
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Zaytoon Wo Za3tar said...

LOVED this movie!! And Donkey and Puss had some seriously funny moments...laughed my head off!

Nice review (y)