My [Birth]day

Some years back, on this particular day, I was born.

Back when things were all HUGE, I used to think very little of things and had shallow, stupid observations.

(1) I'd turn off the TV if I had to go outside, thinking that when I return, I'd continue watching my cartoon from where I paused it. Switching off the TV meant pausing the movie to me.

(2) Remote controls were fascinating devices to me. I had the idea of the presence of an invisible wire, linking the remote control to the TV or whatever.

(3) I thought I only grew older at my birthdays. When in fact, I grow older by the passage of a second.

(4) Grown-ups using calculators in a Math exam meant cheating. What's the purpose of a maths exam if you have all the answers? At the time, I didn't (and still haven't) learned the multiplication table. Sue me.

To stop your curiousity or spare you from asking me to enjoy my BIG day, this is how I usually spend my birthday:

  • Getting all anxious on April.
  • Not quiet getting that it's actually May.
  • Waiting till the clock strike 12:01 PM.
  • Hugging my sister.
  • Start noting down what changed in the course of the previous 16th of May.
  • I'd fret over the fact that it IS my birthday today and expect others to be as pimped up as I am.
  • Sleep it off.
  • Dream of performing the same rituals at the up-coming 16th of May.

Fun, isn't it?

On a serious note, I consider my birthday as the new year. It's where you get older by a year and where you know that on this same day you were born, except, you're not the same anymore. You're the same child that was brought into this world crying. No. You're a completely different person than who you were and you will always be one.

Disclaimer: Nope, I did not actually stay up to 12 PM to post this. This was one of those 'scheduled' posts that I love typing before.


Squinty said...

Loved the points that you mentioned! But let me ask just in case, what is 7 x 7? =P

I really take my birthday as any other day. The only difference in it is, I can have my chocolate cake! (or can have 2 - 3 chocolate cakes! =D)

I hope you enjoy your birthday and when that chocolate cake is in front of you, you will remember your old dear friend, squinty, who posts here and send him a slice!

Happy Birthday Kitten.

Kitten said...

7X7 = 42. (I added 7 to 35 on my fingers ;p)

Yeah, chocolate cakes are the joy of birthdays. I'd be waiting for Dad to buy one at noon.

Thanks :)

Squinty said...

7x7 = 49
haha, it is okay. I don't think it is needed in Journalism. And I don't think it is a "shame" you don't know. I don't know how to write an essay even though I have been into so many extensive writings for my foundation year. (Did I mention I can't explain well?)

Oh! Send me one! a piece would do!
I always tell anyone who has a birthday:
"Did you buy me chocolate cake?"

so, did you get me some chocolate cake?! =D

Kitten said...

I was sure it was 7X6. God, I'm seriously blind.

Nothing is needed in Journalism, English Lit or Linguistics.

He's still in the office. Wait! :O

عzza said...

LOL! you're so cute wallah. :D
Loved the points you mentioned, really funny.