Complex Creatures

Humans are complex creatures; the most curious of all. We have different reactions and thoughts. Various shapes, sizes, heights and body and we are not the same on the inside.

(1) What if our thoughts could be heard by everyone? Would it be easier to get around or?

(2)Knowledge will get you everywhere’ they keep saying. What if, from your personal experience, it doesn’t? What if you had no money? Will you be able to live happily ever after? Of course not. Both of them balance each other.

(3) We wish to own all the money in the world to do this or that…you name it. But will we be able to do all of that if the power took us down?

(4) They say ‘work hard to reach your goals’. What if you didn’t? What do you do then? Work less and expect more? We don’t know… unless we try.

(5)Learn from others’ mistakes’ they also say. And there’s a contradicting saying as well ‘failure is the key to success’…What’s that all about? Which is the perfect way of learning?

(6) When we were brought into this world, we came out crying. As babies, we already knew life will be difficult. Whenever we wanted to get attention for food or something else we would cry. Ever wondered why we cry too when we are beaten up? It’s the pain. And when we didn’t even make sense of things back then, we were in pain. It’s all the same, at the end of the day.

When you grow old, you realize this pain. But as kids, we couldn’t spell the word pain, let alone understand what it stands for.

Realization of the pain increases it. This is why our mothers pierce our ears straight from the first few months it self. We do not know that it causes pain; we only know when it does.

Once you are all grown up, you become a different person. And when you look back to your family’s pictures albums you realize that the baby with an adorable smile full of innocence was you though aren’t anymore.

(7) We make promises then break them. Make more promises and break some more. When will we ever stick to our word? We expect others to, don’t we? Why don’t we apply it to ourselves first? Is it too much to ask?

(8) Humans think about their own self. We’re selfish creatures that put our business as a priority and no one should deny that. We deny other lots of things, like the fact that we cannot control our thoughts. We say ‘this thing won’t come out of my mind’. You don’t want it to. It all comes, one way or the other, to you.

(9)I’ve been in this situation before’, we often say to ease other individuals sadness. We do it to help them, or do we, really? No. You haven’t been in the situation. Why? You haven’t exactly been in this particular one, have you now? No and never will. Each one of us goes through different stages, phases or whatever you want to call it, and even if they look and sound similar, they are actually not.

(10) The phrase ‘I’d die for you’ is an exaggeration, a lie. You can’t die for someone. No one can. You only die when you…actually die.

Written by me; a complex creature.


Squinty said...

In the end, we are complex creatures.

I think some of what you wrote is true and I don't agree with some other. But that is what makes us all different.

QueenWeirdo said...

Yea thanks for deleting my comment ;)

Kitten said...

Squinty: Exactly.

Queen: Which comment?

QueenWeirdo said...

I don't know :$ LOL I think I had a blonde moment.. but but..I'm sure I sent the comment -.- :S
Anyways the thing I wanted to say is that I liked your post! :D I have a comment on the last point can die for someone, example: taking a bullet for them? ;) oh well maybe not, but..yea =\
Anyways, don't you ever stop updating this blog ;D

Kitten said...

Queen: There weren't any previous posts from you so I didn't delete any. Why would I?

If you'd taken the bullet or not, you'd die at that second, eventually.

I won't stop. Stay tuned! ;)