New Hope For Tourette Syndrome Patients

The Doctors episode on Life-Changing Procedures featured Tyler Boshae with Tourette's Syndrome. Read more about him here.

This video contains some disturbing footage of Tyler suffering from his uncontrollable tics..

After the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, he now has a better quality of life and as he put it, "I want to emphasize that this procedure, it's groundbreaking, it's life-changing, but it's not a cure. It didn't take my condition away completely. It gave me a much higher quality of life, almost a complete flip, but I still have bad days, I still have hard times. My tics still kick up a lot, but this procedure has made it so much more manageable, enjoyable, and I'm able to enjoy being with my family now, and can be with my friends and do activities. It's great."

Watch this video to know how life-changing this was for him.

During the procedure, an electrode was implanted in the thalamus part of the brain (where the electrical impulses and sensory information are interpreted). After surgery, electricity was used to stimulate certain parts of the thalamus and control the cells that cause these painful and unmanageable tics.

If you want to help the foundation Tyler created, click here.

This story reminded me of a non-fiction I read (Torn Apart by James Patterson and Hal Friedman) based on Corey's rough childhood. When reading it, I couldn't imagine how hard this must be. But pictures speak a thousand words..

Allah gave us many gifts and the most important of all is health. We complain a lot but our sadness doesn't stand a chance near the miseries other disabled people suffer from.

The least we can do is thank God for what he's given us...and see the large picture..
قال تعالى :
"لَئن شكَرتم لأزِيدنكم"
- سورة إبراهيم، اية رقم: 7

"And remember! your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): "If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you; But if ye show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed."
- Surat Ibrahim, verse no. 7


just_simple said...

الحمدلله على كل حال!

Toxic_Honey said...

we al should be thankful for what we have.. al7amdulillah

i had a study about this syndrome when i was in my first year in Uni

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my oh my!
kitty it almost seems like you may have a side to you that is not quite as light bright as one of the other sides?

Kitten said...

^ Come again?