I Got Married In...

...my dream.

According to my latest dream, I am married to a nice guy whom I’ve never met before. As opposed to me, he was aware of us getting married and I even doubt that he’d proposed to my Dad without my knowing.

I walked through the aisle, passing by the guests – a few number of family members – and climbed the stairs leading to the stage. I stood there, dumbstruck. Before all of this, I took a good look at what I was wearing: the most gorgeous wedding gown that fitted me perfectly well but also, I hated it because of the many laces dangling from its every side (Laces are not my thing!)

Something like this with laces all over
I wasn’t exactly sure of my to-be husband’s identity and when he came, he too, wore hideous clothes that weren’t wedding material at all: a purple jersey, jeans and to make it all the more worse, he had the guts to pull it off with a cap.

I couldn’t hide my astonishment, and so, couldn’t hear what my parents were talking about. My Dad then gave us the permission to head to our home. The most amazing and strangest thing happened then: While I was trying to remember if I ever met this guy before…he locked my hands in his, and when I felt the chemistry, I stared blankly at him but he gave me the coolest and loveliest smile (a grin, somewhat) ever.

There were some missing parts in the whole drama, though.
1) I did not have any clue about my own marriage.
2) My sister wasn’t there.
3) There weren’t any music on.
4) The guy knew me while I did not.
5) How come my parents never took my opinion in this?

And another endless list, but the fact that I dreamed of a wedding (my wedding, to be exact) tops them all.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, I wasn't thinking of getting married during the day.


Squinty said...

Most important question, were you able to see his face?! =P

DiabMan said...

did u kiss?:p

Kitten said...

Yes, Squinty, and NOO!! to that, Diab

DiabMan said...

^lol y so furious?:D he was ur husband, so 3adi :p
maybe he had bad teeth or he was not good looking ha... is that why u didnt kiss ur hubby?:p

Kitten said...

He was good looking alright, don't worry.

DiabMan said...

then y not kiss hm?:p

Musab said...


About the points you didn't understand: Don't worry. dreams never make sense =P

and lol @ him wearing jeans and a cap =P

Kitten said...

Musab: Some of MY dreams make sense, sometimes. Yeah, he must have been the casual type of guy.

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