May's Around The Corner

You know how every time you log on Blogger to find out who blogged and who didn’t? And on every noon, you find a new post by kitten? You wonder how bored this girl is to post regularly yet here she is to tell you the truth.

I’ve missed blogging, and on weekends, I steal few minutes that can reach up to hours in order to write up my thoughts and schedule their appearance on this particular blog. What’s a better idea to revive your blog than this one?

Anyways, tomorrow’s post might be the last one as these final days of April are all about getting ready for IGCSE exams which start on May 11th.

For now, listen to this heartbreaking song that was featured in My Sister’s Keeper (You can watch it on OSN Cinema 2 throughout this week).

♫ Something in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself ♫


Nabsj said...

Goodluck with your exams, you'll be missed!

Lonely said...

All the best in your exams sweets :)

Kitten said...

Amen to that.