Let Us Talk This Over

When a certain person comes over and claims that you have done this or that, you would either start to fight back or keep quiet and take full responsibility for something that you have never done or simply say sorry to cool the person's nerves. After all, you get to pick which attitude to take, although, you can't exactly handle the rage building up in the mad person yelling for no reason.

I was extremely shocked of a teacher, shouting at the top of her lungs on a student for a silly reason that she, alone, wasn't so sure of yet. After shutting the door behind her, the teacher stormed off, leaving a useless threat on the clueless student who had just

The student, who is a classmate of mine, was bewildered. The other teacher who was present at the time at class looked rather speechless and astonished. I couldn't help but wonder about his thoughts, if this is enough for him to assume that all Arabs are lacking the element of understanding and talking things out and perhaps my assumption was actually right.

I've noticed from my personal experience, how ignorant some of us can be when being in such situations. We sometimes talk nonsense when we are supposed to be listening to others point of view, in the first place.

Islam taught us to treat others the way we like to be treated or even better. So, an understanding should have been there between the two parties.

Listen to the other story then tell your own if we are all willing to grow in an educated society, and not to forget, to set a good example for the next generation based on good communication between one another.


DiabMan said...

arabs!! muslims!! what can i say!!